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Optimizing for Bing Part II: Balancing Google and Bing SEO

The best place to start with SEO for Bing is by ignoring most of what you see about Bing SEO, and optimizing for Google instead. Then, once you’ve optimized for Google, there’s a list of additional things you can do to make sure that your page is Bing-optimized as well. (Note that this doesn’t include [...]


Optimizing for Bing Part I: Why Bing Might Matter

If you’re a typical American business owner, it might not even be on your radar that Microsoft 10 launched just recently — it’s certainly not the massive event that Windows 7 was. In fact, the list of programs that will run on Windows 10 that won’t run on Windows 7 is so small as to [...]


Is SEO Dead? Part IV: The Tax Man Cometh

In a metaphor we’ve abused pretty much to death, over the last three weeks, we’ve taken the “Content is King” concept and turned it into an entire Royal Court, comparing the kingdom back when the vizier ruled all, the role of the King and the vizier today, and then looking at the King’s Court. Today, [...]


Is SEO Dead? Part III: The King’s Court

Over the last two weeks, we talked about SEO vs. Content and how SEO lives on using the metaphor of “Content is King, and SEO is his vizier.” But the truth is that there’s a lot more to content marketing than just content and technical SEO — so we decided one more week’s worth of [...]


Does SEO Still Exist? Part II: The Role of the Vizier

Last week, we talked about how the 2011-and-prior world of SEO as the dominant force in Internet Marketing has rightfully been replaced by a world in which “content is king” is actually a true statement. Today, we’re going to show you how SEO is still an absolutely vital part of the King’s Court.   SEO: [...]


Does SEO Still Exist? Part I: Content’s Coronation

Right now, if you look up SEO on any given search engine and you read carefully, you’ll notice a distinct divide between people who are talking about “SEO techniques” and “SEO strategies” and people who are talking about content. The first group treats SEO like it’s some sort of occult collection of mysterious digital rites [...]


A Big Small Site: Web Design for Sioux Falls

I’ve lived in Sioux Falls for several months now, and I’m starting to get a legitimate feel for the city. It’s a far cry from Detroit, by previous home, but I can honestly say by now that I love Sioux Falls. Maybe that’s because it’s a far cry from Detroit, but that’s another story. One [...]


Where is Web Design Going? – July 2015

We’re about halfway through 2015 now, so it seems like it’s time to check in with the current trends in web design and see how things are and where they seem to be headed next. Let’s jump right in: Flat Design Goes Material Inspired by a small bunch of code tools developed by Google that [...]


Content Marketing: Outreach as Networking, Part II

OK, last week we talked a bit about how the ‘outreach’ part of the content marketing cycle is essentially ‘professional networking’ under a different name. We’re going to keep going with that theme this week, so if you need to go read last week’s post to get caught up, go for it. We’ll wait right [...]


Content Marketing: Outreach as Networking, Part I

You’ve probably encountered the concept of ‘networking’ as something that professionals should do in order to increase their chances of success. The website LinkedIn is literally designed specifically for the practice. As it turns out, there are a lot of similarities between the two practices. The Basics When you’re content marketing, the thing that you [...]

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