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Speech, Detroit, Web Design, and Writing In Response to What They’re Thinking

There are a surprising number of ‘talks’ around Detroit, and I’m not just talking about the cultural stereotypes (ebonics vs. latinics or whatever you want to call it) — I’m talking about groups that interact with each other on the street, but have fairly different ways of talking to each other when they’re in their [...]


Taking A Lesson From Cleveland: SEO’s Top Goal for 2013 Is Variety

Cleveland is undergoing something of a metamorphosis right now. The city is working hard to expand it’s image beyond just “doctors and students” — while they are working on every campus in the city, they’re also developing a huge variety of other projects. Skate parks, casinos, rapid transit centers, recreational halls, and dozens of other [...]


The View From Detroit: SEO Should Go Natural or Go Home!

With so many businesses setting up in Detroit in the last few years there’s bound to be a temptation to really push the envelope in terms of marketing your business. Sure, you want to get ahead of your competitors, you want to be the cream that rises to the top — but you have to [...]


Growing Cleveland Businesses: it’s Time for some Finesse!

We’ve talked before on these pages about the importance of getting something on the board. When it comes to SEO, having something out there in the ether counts for a lot. The last thing you want is a website sitting on the shelf, getting dusty while it waits to be perfect. There’s no doubt when [...]


How Are You Going to Grow With Detroit?

So we all know the history of the past few years here in Detroit. Spirits seem to be at an all time high though, with new growth just around the corner. Of course, there are still plenty of problems, but that doesn’t mean that the future isn’t bright. Plenty of companies have sprung up in [...]


How a Detroit Web Designer Brainstorms

One of the toughest parts of any design is the very beginning, when there is infinite potential and very little on paper. It’s the ‘brainstorming’ period, and it’s a very important part of what this Detroit web designer does for a living. Here’s my basic brainstorming process for everyone to examine. Create a Positive Atmosphere [...]


Turning PPC Data Into SEO Success

Good SEO always starts with great keyword research, but finding keywords that will get you the business you need can be a lot harder than you think. Every SEO guys’ first (and arguably best) tool, Google’s Keyword Tool, fails in some surprising ways. Even top-tier externals like Market Samurai, while they can tell you how [...]


A Guide to ‘Having Potential’ in Detroit, Web Design, and Life

Detroit is a city that has just recently reached a stage that I aim for as a web designer. I call it the stage of ‘having potential’. Here’s what I mean: when you’re designing for a client, there tends to be a lot of rapid back and forth in the earliest part of a project. [...]


An SEO Guy’s Guide to ‘Free’ Traffic (Hint: It’s Not Free)

Lots of places make a big deal out of ‘free’ traffic. If you’ve ever researched Internet Marketing, for example, the basic theory is ‘build website, engage free traffic, make money.’ That’s all well and good, but what they never tell you is that traffic, like everything else in life, comes in three kinds: the ‘good [...]


What Does ‘Usability’ Really Mean? – A Web Designer’s Perspective on Empathy

One of the most important things about a website is it’s ‘usability’ — defined as “the quality of a user’s experience when interacting with a product or system.” Basically everyone in the industry agrees that ‘usability’ is critical to the success or failure of a business’ website. But what exactly does that mean? How do [...]

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