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Make Good Use of Old Content to Build New Links

A fact no one can deny is that to build search engine friendly links, you consistently need to build high-quality content. Regrettably, creating top-notch content takes time and resources, and after you have done with making and publishing the piece, and its promotion is over, you find that it has all been forgotten. You feel that your efforts have gone down the drain.

A smart way to make good use of that content and to build new links is to reanalyze and repurpose. Its quality is intact and you can easily remold the piece to suit your objectives. Making use of your assets is called ‘intelligent marketing’.

Review Your Old Content
The first step you should take prior to reusing your content is to ascertain what content is suitable for repurposing. An intelligent option in my view is starting in analytics. Do a scan of the visits, social shares, referral traffic and referring domains.

After that you can make a small investigation of the pieces to find out which ones have the biggest number of inbound links. There are a number of tools you can employ like Open Site Explorer, Majestic SEO or Raven Tools, that can serve your purpose.

Keeping any eye on your top posts as you rummage through your analytics can be useful in many ways. This small effort will come in handy when you start scoping out content ideas and plan out the promotion. Create a written record of the following factors (you can use an excel sheet for that):

  1. Title
  2. URL
  3. Forms of Content (Blog Post, News Story, Infographic, etc.)
  4. Styles of Content (List, Opinion, Gallery)
  6. # of Links
  7. Linking URLs

After you’ve singled out your top content, your next step should be making a plan and reprocessing your content.

Repurpose Content and Spread the Word Around
Make Slide Decks from List Posts

Make intelligent use of ‘List Posts’ to build compelling slide decks. List posts come bundled with great features – they are brief but comprehensive, display the top pieces of information, and people have a high liking for them. An attractive-looking slide deck gets you a brand-new piece of content that you can put to dual-use both off-site and on-site, plus open up doors to new opportunities of generating links.

Watch out for Link Opportunities
Search for people who linked to the original post. They perhaps could be interested in knowing about this new version. Explore the option of making them a part of it.

Add a quote made by someone who mentioned the post somewhere else or embed a couple of slides that showcase tweets. After that you can move on to spreading the word around, by informing them that you updated the content, and also communicate to them that you featured them in the deck.

Repurpose Internal Presentations
The pages I love the most on SlideShare are the ones that showcase presentations about company culture. I am crazy about building a rich company culture, and I am always curious to know what other companies are doing on that front.

Most of the companies keep such presentations internal – amazingly some of these presentations garner over 10,000 views and 100+ embeds. There is a strong possibility that they are driving tons of traffic to blogs or company pages.

The plus-points of using repurposed content are many, so make absolute use of it.

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