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Net Profit Marketing Case Studies

It's not every job we get the data we need to put together a full-scale case study -- but when we do, we like to make it available to anyone considering joining our client list. Here are the results. We hope you find them enlightening!

Companies We Worked With

Challenge: The Gucciardo Law Firm needed to increase their web presence to improve lead generation and conversions. They turned to Net Profit Marketing to improve visibility among specific market segments around Metro Detroit by increasing search traffic as well as the relevance of visitors to their site.

Result: The client had largely neglected their web presence, so Net Profit Marketing started out by creating business profiles for them on Google Local and Bing. We then optimized those profiles and built out their presence on both search engines to improve their search rankings and help achieve their local market penetration goals. Their content was lacking, so we expanded and upgraded their webpage content to improve quality and include the right keywords for their audience. Next we enhanced their landing pages to make them more intuitive, which provided easier access to information and maximized user experience. After fully optimizing their website, we turned our focus to the off-page work, such as building the firm’s profiles on prominent attorney and industry related directories as well as bolstering their presence on other related legal sites.

Net Profit Marketing’s website enhancements produced excellent results for the Gucciardo Law Firm. Their search rankings significantly improved for the keywords we recommended, raising their profile in each of the local markets they wanted to penetrate. This heightened visibility improved the volume and quality of the firm’s site traffic, as unique visitors increased 170% and their conversion rate surged 500%.

Challenge: When Display Group first approached us over three years ago, their local targeting was substandard and their keyword strategy was not producing relevant leads. They needed to expand their product reach and gain better traction in the Detroit market.

Results: Over a three-year SEO campaign, Net Profit Marketing has developed an SEO strategy that has produced exceptional results. We started by optimizing each of the site’s pages for SEO value and updating their keyword strategy to target the right audience. To do this we updated and optimized webpage headings, meta tags and revised content to improve keyword search rankings. We also developed new landing pages to target keywords that would increase conversions. Next, we began building quality backlinks to their site as well as working to improve their market presence through many avenues, including local directories.

Display Group saw immediate results from our work, ranking in the top 5 in searches for over 50 different keywords. In the three years since partnering with Net Profit Marketing, their overall search traffic has grown more than 40%, while page-views have increased 150% with each of those visitors staying on the site 45 seconds longer on average. We were able to enhance the quality of their website traffic as well; improving visitor conversion rates as much as 76%.

Challenge: When the Lofts of Merchants Row first came to us over three years ago, they needed help renting out their apartments and lofts in downtown Detroit. They needed to improve the quality of their website’s traffic by better targeting people likely to convert into residents of one of their lofts.

Result: With their desire to focus on potential renters in the area, we developed a local SEO strategy that would help increase relevant traffic to the site. First things first: we had to optimize their site’s content. We conducted in-depth keyword research that focused on identifying keywords for high search volume as well as long-tail keywords that are more likely to lead to conversions. Next, we tackled the content and meta tags to make sure the site was correctly targeting the high-value keywords our research identified. After completing the on-page SEO work, we upgraded the quality of the links to the site and increased the number local citations to improve their presence on Google Local.

The ROI of our work became evident rather quickly, as they began ranking well in organic search results as well as in Google Local. Our efforts yielded a top placement in Google Local for the client as well as a 105% increase in organic site traffic based on search results from the various keywords we targeted. This increase in page views has helped the Lofts of Merchants Row increase conversions by more than 550% since signing on with Net Profit Marketing.