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PPC / SEM Services

Are you looking for additional leads to supplement your SEO campaign? Do you need leads now while your SEO campaign ramps up? Pay Per Click advertising and other Search Engine Marketing techniques can help. Our PPC campaign management services can ensure you'll only bring in high-quality, targeted leads. If you're looking for a PPC agency, contact Net Profit Marketing today.

  • Careful Targeting
  • Meticulous Keyword Selection
  • Dynamic Budgeting
  • Powerful Hooks
  • Captivating Ads
  • Strong Calls to Action
  • Complete Campaign Management
  • Continuous CRO
  • Regular Updates
  • Adaptive Bidding
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Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising: The Shortcut to Profit

Pay Per Click — PPC — essentially amounts to putting an ad up on a search engine’s results page and paying the search engine every time someone clicks on your ad. Done right, it’s an excellent boon to a startup, because it gives you:

  • Instant traffic, and
  • You only pay when someone actually visits your site.

If you have a decent PPC company working for you, the only remaining hurdle is making sure that your site is able to turn visitors into money faster than your PPC is turning money into visitors. Unfortunately, getting ‘decent’ PPC services isn’t particularly easy — there are a lot of pitfalls, and attacking it without a deep understanding of the system is basically throwing your money into a hole.

That’s where Net Profit Marketing steps in. We can manage your PPC campaigns, doing the the constant research, testing, and re-evaluation of ads, groups, keywords, and landing pages needed to keep your campaign efficient and effective. NPM can help to:

  • Maximize your ROI
  • Reduce cost per visitor
  • Improve your quality score
  • Focus your campaign on the local market

The Science of Success

There are several ways to approach PPC and it’s cousin, SEM marketing, but if you don’t have a six-figure budget, there’s one tactic that consistently brings the best degree of success: targeting large volumes of long-tail keywords. Net Profit Marketing has the tools to find and target these less-expensive, more-targeted keywords that are more likely to bring you people ready to buy than those generic, high-cost keywords that the megacorps pay for.

Transparency and Accountability
While there are no guarantees in marketing, Net Profit Marketing comes close. Each month, as you pay for PPC management services, we give you a full report on everything we’ve done for you that month, and our estimates on how that has impacted your business. With full analytics as well as records of every keyword researched, ad written, and campaign modified, you’ll have all of the data you need to understand what your investment is doing and how to calculate your return.

Our service is month-to-month, with no long-term contracts. Net Profit Marketing understands that your PPC accounts are a business asset, held in your name, and we keep them funded directly so they’re easily transferable. We do not put your PPC accounts in our name, nor does any part of your PPC budget ever touch any of our accounts. That’s transparency and accountability.

Pay Per Click marketing is one of the best solutions for a business that has cashflow, but can’t afford to wait around for SEO to kick into gear and start driving traffic. If you need customers today and you’re willing to pay for every exposure, PPC is the tool you need. Call Net Profit Marketing today and we’ll get you set up right away!

Our Clients Love The Work We Do for them

Our Clients Love The Work We Do for them

a lot of people ask themselves: What Is Great PPC/SEM?

extensive keyword research

skilled budget manipulation

carefully targeted advertisements

irresistible headlines

powerful calls to action