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3 Reasons Responsive Web Design is a Killer Mobile SEO Game Plan

Smartphone and tablet adoption is rising at a fast pace and is in turn raising the value of mobile-centric websites. If SEO is a priority component of your digital marketing game plan, then obviously your first concern is creating a mobile-centric web design – that adapts to different screen sizes.

Mobile sales are on the rise and are far higher than desktop sales; new estimates predict that mobile Internet usage will clearly outstrip desktop Internet usage in 2014. In the time to come, mobile search will easily surpass desktop search – and that’ll happen pretty soon.

More than 67% users accept the reality that they do or will make purchases from a mobile-friendly site; responding to consumers’ behavior, companies with a SEO bent of mind are smartly switching to mobile-centric sites, and particularly responsive web design.

In order to ensure that your mobile SEO game plan works the way you want it to, you must opt for a responsive site design. 3 reasons why a responsive website ranks above others are:

Google has Given Responsive Designs a Thumbs-up
Google’s search share has never seen a dip and most likely will not in the future – it still has a 66.9 percent search market share, and it’s growing. Google has declared that responsive sites are the future of web design, and further reiterates that responsive web design is the industry gold standard.

Google makes the point clear by asserting that responsive design lightens the load of crawlers because it doesn’t hold many URLs and the HTML too is kept the same. Crawling, indexing, and arranging content of a responsive site is a breeze when compared to a mobile-only site which carries a distinct URL and HTML, unmatched to its desktop equivalent.

Top-notch User-experience
A web design employing the responsive concept makes a great user-experience no matter which device is used to access or the size of the screen. The quality of the displayed content just never falls when viewing a responsive website, and this feature is rarely found in any other design concept used for creating websites for the web.

To make things more clear we can use a simple example – of a responsive website that retail products. If you get an equally amazing experience, whether it’s on a mobile to navigate through products during your office lunch hours, and subsequently at home on a desktop, you get your money’s worth. A mobile-only website will make it frustrating for you; you’ll need to jump to the desktop version of the site, then work your way through product categories to reach the one you viewed on your mobile screen.

Managing On The Fly
SEO campaigns are tiresome affairs and when you have the burden of looking after two websites looming, it will sap your energy away. So sticking to a responsive design does away with the extra work coming your way. That’s why most designers with a SEO bent of mind have adopted responsive design concept, because it eases the extra load creeping up with the launch of a search marketing campaign.

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