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What Are Important Things To Look For When Vetting Influencers?

Today more people than ever are using social media. As a business, there are a myriad of ways to reach a broad audience just by advertising on various social media platforms. In this regard, it certainly pays to have an influencer at your disposal to raise brand awareness and capture an audience that you may [...]


5 Different Ways To Acquire Customer Reviews Using Social Media

Have you ever considered the impact of customer reviews on someone’s purchasing decisions? If not, now is a good time to consider the impact that online reviews have on your business. Did you know that, statistically, 85 percent of customers pay just as much attention to online referrals as they do to personal recommendations? This [...]


Is It Best To Invest In Media Or Influencer Outreach?

As marketing trends and customer relations evolve, the importance of digital marketing continues to come into focus. Business owners all around the world are realizing that building brand awareness is the best way to drive recognition, engagement, and promote positive word-of-mouth. In fact, digital marketing has become so essential that a brand’s online presence has [...]


What Makes Consumers Follow and Engage with Brands on Social Media?

Within the last two decades, the vast majority of businesses have come to the conclusion that they simply can’t remain competitive without an online presence, primarily a website, that facilitates online interactions with consumers.  Without a website, many potential customers will never know a business exists. Over the last several years, however, social media presence [...]


How to Handle a Social Media Crisis

How do we handle any kind of crisis is life? While there are certainly some people who hunker down, shell shocked, and wonder why they didn’t see it coming, most of us try to prepare for potential disasters so that we can sail through with ease. It’s not always possible to plan for the unknown, [...]


Use the Power of Social Media to Promote Your Website

Social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that enjoy billions of monthly active users provide untold opportunities to not only reach a vast audience of potential consumers, but also target very specific demographics with advertising to try to gain followers and encourage patronage.  Of course, the main reason many businesses utilize social media is [...]


How to Conduct a Competitor Analysis on Social Media

No matter the profession, anyone can benefit from learning more about their competition. The advantages to be gained from anticipating every one of your opponent’s moves cannot be overstated. Here to help simplify the process is a brief outline of how to conduct a competitor analysis via social media. Understand What Competitive Analysis Is Competitive [...]


Is Influencer Marketing Right for Your Company?

Throughout history, there have always been people that held prestige and influence, along with the ability to sway public opinion. Because of their status as trusted public figures, these people were watched, idolized, and copied by the masses. They influenced how people dressed, spoke, thought, and spent consumer dollars. Not a lot has changed, aside [...]


How to Create a Facebook Group that Drives Traffic

Facebook advertising is mostly dead. Facebook posts just at random out in the ether are ridiculously ineffective. There’s just not a lot of people who are engaged in Facebook when it isn’t about their friends, family, or hardcore passions — and getting hardcore passionate people together on a Facebook page is hard. But Facebook Groups… [...]


Are You Treating Social Media With Maturity?

Social media has been around for long enough that we’re starting to see the difference between a company that approaches it with a fairly off-the-cuff set of concepts and policies, and one that comes at it with a mature and comprehensive approach. It’s a natural evolution that is predictable and learnable — which means that [...]

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