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Conversion Rate Optimization Category


How to Combine Social Media and PPC for More Conversions

We all know the risks of putting all our eggs in one basket.  In this graphic metaphor, if the basket falls, all the eggs get smashed.  This is why we put money in savings, contribute to a 401K, and create a diverse investment portfolio to save for retirement.  The same principle can apply to marketing [...]


The importance of CRO in digital marketing

So, you’ve created a product everybody will crave.  Better yet, you’ve developed an idea that will change the world and everyone in it.  Whatever your arena might be, you’ve developed a plan for online action, and your website has gone live.  Terrific!  Celebrate! But keep it brief.  For now the hard part begins — getting people to [...]


Keyword Research Tips to Max Out Search Traffic in 2019

Pretty much anyone who has owned and operated a website for any length of time understands the importance of keywords.  You want the language on your website to match what search engine users are looking for so that targeted traffic can find you.  Of course, with so many competitors vying for rankings with the same [...]


How to Optimize Your Website for Voice Search

Talk-to-text technology still has a few kinks to work out, as anyone who uses it for hands-free mobile messaging is no doubt aware, but it’s getting better and better all the time.  In fact, it is estimated that voice recognition technology is now about 95% accurate, which is incredible considering how many social snafus it [...]


Google Updates AdWords Ad Rotation Settings

Google AdWords is a staple of online advertising, and with proper understanding of how the system works, many businesses are able to balance spending and returns in order to accomplish targeted conversion goals. Of course, there are a lot of options to consider when it comes to customizing and optimizing ad rotation. As rotation settings [...]


4 Ways to Use Live Chat on Your Website to Improve Conversion Rates

Websites have provided consumers with an easy means of finding products, services, and brands that offer exactly what they’re looking for in practically the blink of an eye. One thing that has long been lacking in this equation, however, is the human touch and immediate personal service that exist when a customer walks into a [...]


4 Crucial Landing Page Elements That Improve Online Conversions

A successful landing page that converts absolutely needs to inspire visitors to take action every step of the way in addition to letting search engines know that you’re providing valuable information as a thought leader. The main goal, of course is to convert visitors into customers and clients. Here are four crucial landing page elements [...]


Is Your Website Aiming At The Right Market?

Maybe a redesign is in order. The foundation of today’s web design has moved beyond technical details — not to say that technical details aren’t important, but most people willing to bill themselves as ‘web designers’ have them well in hand. Today’s web design is less about knowing how to code in CSS and HTML, [...]


5 Steps to Streamline Your Online Sales Funnel

Formalizing your lead generation process is the key to success with your business website.  To do so, you must become aware of the structure of your sales funnel and streamline it to help increase your conversion rate (CR). To review, the sales funnel generally stands for the marketing steps, and interactions, that take place on [...]


Conversion Optimization: Your Internet Marketing Missing Link

Internet marketers and webmasters alike have become savvy in recent years by focusing on many important components of online success including search engine optimization, social media optimization, and pay per click advertising.  However, generating traffic is by no means the end-all be-all of digital marketing.  There is something missing. Introducing Conversion Optimization: What Is It? [...]

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