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4 Major Forms of User Engagement and the Value Behind Each

User engagement is a measurement that reveals what offers, services, and products are most valuable to customers online. Businesses measure user engagement by tracking what users click on, the duration of their stays, and what they download and share.

Regular user engagement can be measured through several analytic tools and metrics.

Metrics that measure engagement can help companies determine the success or failure of products and services. This article will discuss the major forms of user engagement and how to improve customer engagement for your brand.

Major Forms of User Engagement

Companies use metrics to measure customer engagement because it reveals what people want, what they’re willing to engage with, and, more importantly, what interests them. When a customer is willing to spend more time interacting with a product or service, it means they’re more likely to do business.

For example, a company can measure how many times customers have visited the pages of their website and how long they spent reviewing content. This information is valuable in that it can be used by the company to improve overall user engagement.

We’ve broken down the major forms of user engagement into 4 main categories. In general, engagement refers to visitor activity on your website, what content they read and view, and how they interact with that content.

User engagement is used to determine how invested customers are in your products and services. High levels of engagement will lead to an increase in sales and leads. For review, here are the major forms of engagement:

1. Readable Content

A major form of user engagement is determined by how many visitors view and read content on your homepage, how far they browse through your pages, and how long they review readable content on any page. This information can be used to determine what customers are interested in learning more about your products and services.

2. Active Participation

Active participation refers to customers’ actions as they engage with interactive content on any company website. This form of user engagement occurs through user polls, surveys, online chat, and other interactive channels.

Measuring active participation on a company website will help you learn what visitors find entertaining and create opportunities for them to share information with others.

3. Social Media Sharing

When customers find valuable information on your website, they’re more likely to share that information on their social media page. Measuring this form of user engagement will reveal how many customers decide to share your posts and product or service information with others.

Measuring this information helps companies determine who is sharing their information, why, and where their brands are being advertised on the web via word-of-mouth.

4. Images and Video

Customers are naturally attracted to high-quality images, media galleries, and videos. Companies are interested in knowing what catches user attention to help maximize customer engagement with marketing efforts.

Determining what content is visually appealing enough to draw the attention of a target audience will help you understand what they are more likely to buy.

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Understanding the major forms of user engagement is an important step toward improving the performance of any website and digital content. At Net Profit Marketing, we work to help clients improve and enhance their digital marketing campaigns.

If you’re interested in learning more about improving user engagement or our other services that include SEO optimization, website design, or PPC/SEM, contact us today!

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