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Prashant Verma: Author Archive


Google E-A-T and YMYL: Tips to Improve On-Page SEO

When ranking your website’s content, Google analyzes hundreds of factors, which they summarize through expertise, authoritativeness, and trust — E-A-T. Websites that meet Google’s guidelines will automatically rank higher simply because they’re more credible than websites that don’t. Another aspect that Google considers when ranking content is whether topics fall under the umbrella of “Your [...]


The Significance of Content Amplification: Why It Matters for Your Online Presence

Imagine the following scenario: You’ve spent hours creating your latest blog post or video, and you’re more than excited to share it with the world. You know people will find your content interesting, and you can hardly wait for the traffic to roll in. You hit the publish button and relax, confident that the next [...]


4 Creative Ways to Keep Your Email List Subscribers Engaged

Email marketing has several benefits, from enhancing engagement with your target audience to bolstering conversions. And yet, even the most eye-catching and informative email is only valuable if it keeps your subscribers intrigued and engaged. Try these four clever ideas to reduce your bounce rate and increase engagement: 1. Run a Quiz People love quizzes. [...]


4 Common PPC Mistakes That Should Be Avoided

Pay-per-click (PPC) is one of the most reliable and effective digital marketing strategies you can employ. Targeted and practical, it can place your products or services in front of your audience at precisely the right time and place, boosting conversions and bolstering revenue. But the key to PPC success is dodging the most common mistakes [...]


Understanding Google’s Algorithm Updates: What You Need to Know to Stay Ahead of the Game

Where you rank on the world’s largest and most powerful search engine is one of the most significant factors contributing to your brand’s exposure, credibility, and success. But while your marketing manager might be employing SEO best practices, it’s also crucial to ensure that your content remains up to snuff with Google’s algorithm updates. After [...]


The Importance of Content Consistency in Your Marketing Strategy and How to Maintain It

It’s crucial to produce quality content, but it’s equally important to produce consistent content. Research demonstrates that high-caliber, valuable, and consistent content affects consumers’ decisions more than any other factor. The truth is that inconsistent content can spoil even the most outstanding marketing strategy. Fortunately, there are a handful of ways to ensure the uniformity [...]


6 Tips to Use Conversational Marketing Successfully in Your Business

Conversational marketing is a more personable marketing approach involving conversing directly with your website users and prospects. You can leverage this marketing strategy in several ways, including voice assistants, chatbots, live chat, conversational AI, and traditional phone calls. Using conversational marketing allows for better and more efficient personal communication with customers, but even better, an [...]


4 Common Factors that Can Influence Consumer Behavior

Consumer behavior dictates how customers choose, purchase, and use your goods or services. It also determines the actions of consumers within the marketplace and the motivations for their actions. So to make effective strategic marketing decisions, you must first understand the factors that influence consumer behavior. What Are the Factors Influencing Consumer Behavior? Consumer behavior [...]


Top Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies to Improve Sales

Improving your current conversion rate typically means more leads, more site traffic, and converting more users into customers. But achieving these objectives means that your site has to do two things: Appeal to users and be friendly to search engines. With that in mind, here’s what conversion rate optimization means and how you can accomplish [...]


How to Protect Your Brand’s Reputation in Your Internet Marketing

Your brand’s reputation is critical in a competitive environment. A stellar reputation will likely attract future clients to your company, while a poor one will drive away potential customers to your competitors. Here’s how to protect your brand’s reputation over the course of your digital marketing campaigns: Use Social Listening Tools Social listening is one [...]

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