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Content Clusters: A Strategic Approach to Boosting Organic Traffic

Using content clusters can help boost your online visibility, improving organic traffic and generating more sales in the process, but you may not know how to effectively use them to ensure they positively impact your brand. Net Profit Marketing is here to break it all down.

Everything You Need to Know About Content Clusters

The use of content clusters is a strategy that marketers can use to enhance their site’s search engine optimization (SEO).

Every website has content, and some of it will inevitably overlap. With that said, you can take your writing on one page and internally link to another page with relevant information somewhere on it, organizing a specific topic into cluster pages. Doing so encourages users to explore your brand’s website further, and it shows search engines like Google that your site is user-friendly and worthy of a higher ranking.

Using Internal Links to Your Benefit

Internal linking is the thread that connects different pieces of relevant content. For instance, suppose that you sell makeup and write a blog post on eyeshadow shades that look best for those with blue eyes. Whenever you reference a specific shade, you can link to a product page on your site featuring that shade for sale. Any person reading the post will be more likely to purchase because you’ve made it easy for them to do so.

With that example in mind, tips for internally linking your web pages include the following:

Avoid Using Too Many Links

While links are extremely beneficial and can guide the user to take action, you don’t want to overwhelm them with too many. Additionally, if you feature more than 150 links on a page, Google won’t rank your website as highly.

Prioritize Harder-to-Find Content

Simply linking to a page in your navigation menu is a bit of a throwaway; try to promote pages that may not appear at the surface level and can drive users to other areas of your site. “Deep-linking,” as the process is called, can help spread the word about products or pages that are more difficult to find.

Never Link Images

It’s more beneficial to link text over images. When you link a line of text, it clearly shows the relevance; if you use images or provide links to pages that are irrelevant to the topic or sentence at hand, Google likely won’t promote your site.

Concentrating Your Link Value

Try to direct valuable links to the most significant landing pages on your brand’s website. Doing so signals to Google that they’re important, and they’ll be more likely to be promoted as a result.

Building Effective Content Clusters

Now that you’re ready to build your clusters, here are some worthwhile tips:

  • Determine your business goals and keywords
  • Take inventory of your current landing pages and group them by topic
  • Establish your pillar pages, the ones that will connect all content with a cluster together
  • Add your links

If you need help with the process, consider consulting with a reputable marketing agency like Net Profit Marketing.

Use Content Clusters to Attract More Leads

Content clusters are effective marketing tools that can help attract fresh prospects to your brand. When you use your links wisely and build your clusters properly, you can expect a boost in organic traffic. For more information or assistance with generating content clusters for your business, contact Net Profit Marketing today.

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