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Creative Ways to Drive Holiday Traffic with Digital Marketing

Every year, it seems that marketing for the holidays starts earlier and earlier. The truth is that it’s never too early to get a leg up on the competition — and this year is no exception! Whether you are marketing for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or something else, planning your holiday marketing strategy now will give [...]


5 Strategies to Stand Out in the Digital Realm

The digital revolution has presented many new and exciting opportunities for your business. However, you are not the only one that is trying to capitalize on a favorable marketing environment!  Thousands of businesses are creating websites, implementing digital marketing strategies, and competing for a finite market share. With all of this competition, you may be [...]


4 Innovative Ways to Increase Online Sales

Every year, eCommerce accounts for a larger portion of the total consumer market share. This comes as no surprise, as shopping online is incredibly convenient and allows consumers to rapidly compare different products. While eCommerce offers benefits to buyers, the sheer number of vendors that are on the internet can make it challenging for you [...]


What Kind of Online Advertising is Best for Seasonal Specials?

With that in mind, the team at Net Profit Marketing has composed this simple guide to online advertising for seasonal specials. Below, we’ll outline the two best types of advertising methods that you should be using before your next seasonal release. Digital marketing is a complex industry that requires both expertise and finesse. Every type [...]


Target Market: Why It’s Vital to Define Your Ideal Customer

If you have researched content marketing, you have almost certainly encountered the phrase “know your audience.” This phrase is so widespread because defining your ideal customer is perhaps the most critical step to creating an effective marketing strategy. Once you have defined the ideal customer for your product or service, you can build a campaign [...]


5 Tasks a Web Marketing Company Can Take off Your Plate

Being a business owner can sometimes be chaotic. You wear many hats and have a hand in every part of your business. When it comes to marketing, there’s a whole other list of tasks that need to be completed. Without marketing, your business won’t take off like you want it to. To make sure you [...]


Top Strategies for Web Marketing in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic brought more people online than ever before. Because web traffic and time spent online increased, web marketing has become even more critical. For this reason, if you want to stay competitive in the online arena as you move through 2021, it’s essential that you know the top five strategies for web marketing [...]


5 Steps Every Company Should Take to Discover Who, Exactly, is Engaging with Their Brand

Savvy business owners know that merely being online today is not enough. You need to create content that gets your followers to engage with your brand. It’ll be easy to see if you’ve created engaging content. Traffic to your blog will increase, as will the average time visitors spend on your site. Your social media [...]


Why do Your Organic Website Rankings Fluctuate?

Anyone who’s spent time building an online business knows that building organic clicks and interactions through search engine optimization (SEO) is incredibly important. Making sure that the people you’re trying to reach with your website can find you easily (and easier than they can find the competition) is crucial. One way to measure the success [...]


The Importance of Site Architecture in Driving Organic Traffic

There are myriad factors involved in how your business performs in the online arena, and you need to make sure that your efforts are aligned to deliver the best possible user experience and optimize for maximum ROI.  While it’s easy to focus on content, SEO, and advertising efforts, you also need to make sure you [...]

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