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A Guide to Internal and External Links

When you use links on your website, you improve your site’s search engine optimization (SEO) and elevate the overall quality of your content. However, to get the best results, you should know the difference between internal and external links. This article covers this difference, as well as best practices for using both. What are Internal [...]


3 Tools to Take Your SEO to the Next Level

With the constant influx of new businesses popping up online, it gets more difficult to get your name out there every day. With every new business creating websites, utilizing digital marketing, and perfecting their SEO, it may seem like there isn’t enough room for everyone. But a well-optimized website that incorporates strong SEO is still [...]


What Is Organic Search Traffic (and How Can You Get It)?

Google and other prominent search engines have become increasingly powerful tools for consumers. Being able to search for something and find the perfect website in a matter of seconds has provided worldwide access to information like never before. But these search engines are also powerful tools for the owners of websites. Having a place where [...]


Raising Your Rankings: 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Your SEO

Have you been devoting hours to search engine optimization, only to produce lackluster results? Trust us, you are not alone. Many well-meaning business owners create quality content, only to undermine their own SEO efforts by making one or two critical mistakes. These pitfalls can quickly derail your marketing efforts. With that in mind, below, we [...]


4 Tools Digital Marketers Use to Promote Your Site

If you are thinking about partnering with a digital marketer, it is important that you understand exactly how they can add value to your website. Digital marketing agencies have a variety of powerful tools that they can use to promote your brand and attract high-quality traffic. The best marketing strategies leverage a multi-faceted approach to [...]


What Are Long-Tail Keywords?

During your quest to create high-quality SEO content, you might be on the hunt for new tricks to climb the rankings. In recent years, long-tail keywords have become a popular way of accomplishing that goal. But what exactly are long-tail keywords anyway? Put simply, the term “long-tail keyword” refers to phrases that are roughly four [...]


5 Ways that SEO Metrics Can Improve Your Campaigns

Search engine optimization, or SEO, as it is more commonly known, is at the heart of virtually any digital marketing campaign. While just about any business owner can appreciate the need for SEO content on their pages, many of them fail to review their metrics on a regular basis. Marketing metrics are important because they [...]


Best Practices for SEO Keyword Phrases

In recent years, content marketing has become a top priority for businesses across virtually every industry. The end goals of any content marketing campaign are to generate web traffic and convert this traffic into sales. If you want to optimize your business’s web traffic, you will need a strong SEO strategy. However, it can be [...]


SEM and SEO: How Do They Work?

Getting traffic to your website can sometimes feel like you’re trying to herd cats. Customers often have so many companies trying to vie for their attention. However, there are a couple of secret weapons that businesses can use:  SEM and SEO. SEO vs. SEM The fundamental difference between SEO and SEM is the type of [...]


Five Ways to Improve Your Google Ranking

SEO has come far since the early aughts. For Google, it’s still evolving to this day, with hundreds of changes to the algorithms being estimated per year. That’s one of the reasons why it’s a little more difficult to game the system and get your site to the top of the rankings. There are countless [...]

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