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The Importance of Fresh Content for SEO

In 2011, Google updated its algorithm to account for freshness. The popular search engine indicated that it would value new or updated content over older articles and blogs. This meant that outdated content would fall in the rankings, regardless of other factors like the quality of a company’s domain, relevance, or backlinks.

Any company that relies on its website for customer leads can’t survive with old blogs and articles. To maintain their search engine rankings, then, they’ll need to continually publish or update content to remain current and relevant to their audience. Here are a few reasons why updating your content regularly for SEO is essential.

1. Maintain Your Authority as an Industry Leader

Newer websites are constantly challenging older, more established ones. They develop unique ideas and publish their articles and blogs on their site, making them more relevant to people looking for current information on a particular topic.

If you fail to update your original blog post with current information, your newer competitors will eventually outrank you. They’ll gradually build up their domain authority and obtain backlinks that make it easier for them to do so.

Not updating your content to account for updated information can mean losing your credibility in your industry to competitors. Your audience will go to newer sources instead of turning to you for information.

2. Keep Your Rankings Intact

Website administrators who fail to update content, especially on topics that are considered timely, will find their rankings fall pretty quickly. To determine whether an article needs a freshness update, consider the topic it’s written on.

For instance, suppose that you published an article about ways to save money in 2020. Your advice is now three years old, which means it is no longer relevant to your audience.

Instead, Google and other search engines will prioritize articles that discuss ways to save money in 2023. Your blog’s content may be similar to newer pieces, but its earlier publishing date and title will cause search engines to push it down further in the rankings.

You don’t have to write an entirely new article to freshen your content. You can keep the bulk of it. Simply adding a few new tips and changing the title and the publish date will help you meet the freshness criteria.

3. Attract Quality Backlinks

You’ve hit the backlink jackpot if you find a large amount of outdated content for keywords you’re trying to target. When you create a new article targeting those keywords, other sites will want to link to you simply because you have a fresher perspective for their audience.

You can find out what sites link to the outdated article and ask them if they’d like to replace their links with one to your website. Many website administrators will do so, especially if your content is better than the one they’re currently referring their visitors to.

As your site attracts more backlinks, your domain authority increases, and you’ll rank higher in the search engines. That’s good for business.

Don’t Ignore the Importance of Fresh Content

While creating content is a time-consuming process, it’s also critical for any business that relies on SEO to attract organic traffic. Ensure that you regularly update your content and publish new articles, too.

Do you need help with your SEO strategy? If so, Net Profit Marketing can assist. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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