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5 Tools to Make Your Website More Interactive

If your website isn’t interactive, then it’s a safe bet that visitors probably aren’t engaging with your content. It’s not enough to just have an online presence anymore. If you want to successfully compete in the e-Commerce world, then it’s essential to understand what it takes to drive users to your site…and keep them there! [...]


Creative Ways to Get Clients to Engage with Your Web Content

User engagement is the key to creating a successful website. You don’t just want people to simply find your page…you also need them to read and engage with your content, whether that means filling out a form, commenting on a post, making a purchase, or clicking on a call-to-action button. When your audience is engaged, [...]


5 Things Every Visitor Should Discover the Minute They Access Your Homepage

Ten seconds. That’s all you have, on average, to grab the attention of website visitors and convince them to discover more. More than half of all visitors spend 15 seconds or less on any given website. If you don’t impress them in the first 10 seconds of that visit, it’s more likely than not they [...]


5 Steps Every Company Should Take to Discover Who, Exactly, is Engaging with Their Brand

Savvy business owners know that merely being online today is not enough. You need to create content that gets your followers to engage with your brand. It’ll be easy to see if you’ve created engaging content. Traffic to your blog will increase, as will the average time visitors spend on your site. Your social media [...]


5 strategies for keeping visitors on your website longer

It’s not enough to rely on the “if you build it, they will come” concept when designing your website. You also need to focus on converting as many visitors as possible into leads or sales after they first visit your page. The unfortunate reality is that the vast majority of your website visitors will never [...]


How to Create Relevant and Engaging Content Right Now

As a business owner, your approach to content creation always centers on upholding core values and reaching company goals.  In order to create a strong and enduring brand identity, you need content that supports brand messaging. However, no business is an island, and at times like this, when we’re embroiled in a crisis of global [...]


Why It’s Important to Conduct A/B Tests for Your Landing Pages

We seem to be living in an era where feelings and beliefs share the same prestige and reliability as actual facts, but as a responsible business owner, you can’t necessarily afford to base your decisions on instinct or intuition.  You need data, analysis, and reasoning to make the best possible choices and maintain a profitable [...]


How to Simplify Your Website Structure

When it comes to designing your business website, you probably have a lot of things you want to include, from essential messaging, to optimizable content, to visual elements designed to support your brand image, as well as grab and hold viewer attention.  That said, it pays to view your website with an editorial eye. When [...]


5 Tasks that All Business Websites Should Accomplish

Your business website is your online interface with current and prospective customers, and as such, it has to virtually fill the role of a brick-and-mortar store.  This must be achieved without friendly or helpful salespeople, and without the ability for consumers to touch and closely examine your wares. How, then, do you go about convincing [...]


Possible Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Converting Visitors

Even if you’re good at managing your business, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re equally adept at planning and executing business strategies in virtual space.  This could mean that your virtual interface isn’t exactly yielding anticipated results.  If you’re just not seeing the conversions online that you feel you’re capable of and you don’t know [...]

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