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3 Trends You Should Be Tracking on Your Website

The beauty of the digitized marketplace is that you can track just about anything. With the help of data collection and analytics tools, you can gather information about dozens of key performance indicators (KPIs) and gain valuable insights about your website. It can be challenging to decide which metrics to track due to the sheer [...]


6 Innovative Ways to Engage Visitors on Your Website

In the ultra-competitive digital marketplace, simply getting a user to visit your site is a win. However, your end goal is to convert leads and improve sales. If you want to accomplish this mission, you need to keep visitors interested from the moment they land on your website. Most web users have a relatively limited [...]


Target Market: Why It’s Vital to Define Your Ideal Customer

If you have researched content marketing, you have almost certainly encountered the phrase “know your audience.” This phrase is so widespread because defining your ideal customer is perhaps the most critical step to creating an effective marketing strategy. Once you have defined the ideal customer for your product or service, you can build a campaign [...]


3 Ways Video Content Can Boost Engagement on Your Website

Ask any member of Gen Z and they’ll tell you: Video content is the way to go. With attention spans ever-shrinking, video content is proving to be an easier way to gain the attention of your target audience. There are tons of reasons to consider incorporating video content in your marketing strategy. If you’ve ever [...]


Do’s and Don’ts of Videos for Your Website

If your website is up and running and you want to give it that extra special touch, a video could very well be the way to go. Videos can be used to show your mission statement, values and procedures. You might have someone you can work with to commission a video, but whether you have [...]


Three Types of Content You Should Feature on Your Website

We live in a world of content.  It’s everywhere, all the time, and usually all at once. It’s likely that you have this blog sharing space with three other tabs on your browser or read paired with a true crime podcast and/or a compilation of cute cat videos playing in the background.  And that’s fine! [...]


Creative Ways to Provide Value to Customers Through Your Blog

Blogs have long been recognized as beneficial tools for building a brand online. In a competitive marketplace, they provide a cost-effective route to reaching a wide variety of consumers and adding a personalized touch to important content. The question isn’t so much about the effectiveness of blogs. Instead, it’s about how they can provide even [...]


5 Tools to Make Your Website More Interactive

If your website isn’t interactive, then it’s a safe bet that visitors probably aren’t engaging with your content. It’s not enough to just have an online presence anymore. If you want to successfully compete in the e-Commerce world, then it’s essential to understand what it takes to drive users to your site…and keep them there! [...]


Creative Ways to Get Clients to Engage with Your Web Content

User engagement is the key to creating a successful website. You don’t just want people to simply find your page…you also need them to read and engage with your content, whether that means filling out a form, commenting on a post, making a purchase, or clicking on a call-to-action button. When your audience is engaged, [...]


5 Things Every Visitor Should Discover the Minute They Access Your Homepage

Ten seconds. That’s all you have, on average, to grab the attention of website visitors and convince them to discover more. More than half of all visitors spend 15 seconds or less on any given website. If you don’t impress them in the first 10 seconds of that visit, it’s more likely than not they [...]

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