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The 5 Surprising Disadvantages of AI-Written Content

The meteoric rise of AI-generated content can be a tempting prospect for business owners looking to scale up their content strategy or eliminate the cost of hiring a writer. After all, why not take advantage of the ability to generate compelling content at the touch of a button?

But artificial intelligence isn’t quite the creative genius that many purport it to be. As it turns out, there are several limitations to the technology that you should be aware of before you use it to spin up a few hundred blog posts. With that in mind, here are five of the most significant challenges that AI-written content faces.

1. It Can Look Like Plagiarism

Artificial intelligence relies on existing content to create new content — meaning AI-written content is at significant risk of producing plagiarism. Of course, generative algorithms will reorganize and rephrase content to pass plagiarism detectors most of the time. However, they’ll often restate entire sentences, word for word. And if you’re caught plagiarizing, you instantly lose the trust your brand has worked so hard to build.

2. It Can Be Factually Inaccurate

An AI program will do its best to use current information and verify it against various sources, but it has no reasoning skills. Therefore, it can’t reliably detect incorrect information. Whether the data it uses is outdated or posted by a misinformed writer, it’s not uncommon for AI to restate incorrect information and damage a brand’s credibility.

3. It’s Not Based on Real-World Experience

Expertise comes through real-world experience, of which AI has none. This usually results in AI producing half-baked content that lacks the kind of detail and nuance a human writer would use. Even if the information is factual and the grammar is immaculate, a trained eye can often discern whether the content was written by an expert.

4. It’s Not Original

As alluded to earlier, modern technology has not yet transcended to the point of true artificial intelligence — computers that can reason for themselves and create original thoughts. AI can do a somewhat convincing job of stitching together different sources and faking sentient reasoning, but at the end of the day, anything that looks original is derived from already available information.

This means your chances of going viral with AI-generated content are slim to none. Coming up with new ideas, writing about a fresh perspective, or communicating an existing idea in a truly unique way is the secret sauce to virality, and it’s just not something AI content is capable of yet.

5. It Still Requires Human Effort to Polish It

All these problems result in one undeniable truth: AI content requires a human editor. Whether it’s to fact-check claims, rewrite inaccurate passages, or add a human element to robotic text, AI-generated text is doomed to fail if it’s not thoroughly examined and revised.

Unfortunately, this means that whatever money you may save on writers, you’re bound to spend (and then some) on editors. After all, it takes much longer for an editor to pore over and improve AI text than for them to make routine copy improvements to a piece written by a human.

Using AI-Written Content Responsibly

So does this mean you should throw the idea of AI out the window? Not necessarily. There are ways you can leverage this powerful technology and augment your existing content strategy — just don’t plan on replacing your writing department. For more tips on using technology responsibly to improve your marketing strategy, visit Net Profit Marketing today.

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