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5 Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Old Content and Drive SEO

While repurposing old content may feel lazy, in reality, it can be a strategic way to better serve your current and potential customers. Creating new blog posts, videos, and guides is a huge use of resources, and it’s not always feasible or even advisable. However, search engine optimization (SEO) and search intent demand that businesses continue to turn out new material or face search engine result irrelevance.

The Benefits of Repurposing Content

Let’s say your website has a 10-year-old blog with excellent, relevant information, but it no longer gets much interaction (or never did). Repurposing it will:

  • Save Time and Money: No need to create an entirely new blog
  • Maintain Readership: Stick to a publishing schedule so users don’t drift away
  • Improve SEO: Newer, relevant content rises higher in search results
  • Provide Additional Content: Old blogs can become videos, social media posts, and more

There’s no reason to let that blog go to waste!

Methods for Repurposing Content

To turn your old content into fresh content, you can:

1. Revise Old Blogs Into New Ones

Don’t copy old blogs word-for-word. Instead, transform the content for a new audience without raising alarm bells for longtime readers. Find angles or discussion points you may have missed in the first piece. Consider your original blog a source of inspiration and treat it as reference material.

2. Switch Formats

Perhaps the blog content would work better in a video or a podcast. Perhaps you can shorten the piece and make it interactive, including polls and user discussions on social media. You can even make the content work for a slideshow. If the original blog didn’t get as much traffic as you believe it should have, perhaps it was in the wrong format.

3. Add Graphics

Charts, graphs, pictures, and infographics give users a better understanding of the material and can help make a dense, informational blog more compelling. Long, unbroken paragraphs of text are difficult to parse, but pictures, graphics, bullet points, and numbered sections make referencing blogs far easier.

4. Update Old Blogs

If your old posts are linchpins for your site and are still essential reference pieces that other sites link to, you can freshen up the blogs to drive new readership and boost SEO rankings. Add new sections if there is new information readers would find helpful, update broken or irrelevant backlinks, modify the tone to boost search intent and promote the blog by mentioning it on social media or referencing it in videos.

5. Split Longer Blog Into Multiple Short Ones

If your old blog underperformed due to length, you can split up and spread the information across several blogs. You can quote individual paragraphs or lines for social media posts. You may even be able to create entire how-to guides from certain sections.

Transform Your Content With Help From the Professionals

Old blogs can have new life again, but the methodology for doing so isn’t always obvious. By relying on Net Profit Marketing, you know you’re getting the best ROI on your content, no matter its age. Your users demand constant content, and we can ensure they get it.

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