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4 Ways to Use Emojis in Marketing to Grow Your Brand

Emojis make online communication a bit more enjoyable. They add expression and emotion to what would otherwise be dry, text-based communication. Over the years, a tool that once offered only a few basic icons has evolved into full sets of symbols that can be combined together to express a range of emotions and ideas. There [...]


The Pros and Cons of Revenue Marketing

Revenue marketing is a strategic approach to marketing your product or service that focuses on generating revenue rather than awareness or brand recognition. This approach involves a holistic strategy with one primary goal in mind: driving revenue and sales. Modern revenue marketing can be used in any industry or sector, but it’s most often associated [...]


Short vs. Long Website Copy: Which Performs Better?

It’s a no-brainer that you need to regularly publish content if you want to stay in the race with your competitors — but how long should your copy be? Benefits of Short Website Copy Shorter website copy makes it easy to scan the page and find what you’re looking for. Short website copy is also [...]


5 Tips to Convert Your Blog Traffic into Sales

Blogging is a popular way to build your audience and increase website traffic. But once you meet your traffic goals, how do you convert those visits into revenue? The key to converting that traffic into sales is to provide value. The more value you can provide, the more people will be interested in buying from [...]


The Differences Between Owned Media Earned Media And Paid Media Explained

What is media? It is the various means of broadcasting information to people. Television, the internet, and print are all different forms of media. Within these, there are three main categories of media. These categories include media that is owned, media that is paid, and media that is earned. Each may be used by brands [...]


What Are Core Web Vitals and Why Do They Matter?

It’s no surprise that the internet has become one of the most significant factors in our lives. The ‘net is a place where we can find information, make connections, and even do business. This web is also changing at an incredible rate, which means it’s important to keep up with all of the latest trends [...]


Google My Business: How to Improve Your Ranking

As the internet continues to evolve, Google My Business (GMB) plays an important role in how people find businesses online. GMB is a free tool that helps businesses manage their listings across Google’s various platforms, including Google Maps and Search. The goal of the tool is to help customers find more information about your business, [...]


Push and Pull Marketing: The Key to Knowing When to Use Each

Strategic marketing requires the intelligent use of available tools and resources. Creating awareness of your brand means both drawing in new customers with interesting links and putting your brand directly in front of the public to create awareness. “Push and Pull” marketing allows you to strategically deliver targeted advertisements to the end-user, creating exposure for [...]


Web Design: Common Overlooked Components When Optimizing a website

Contrary to popular belief, a great website is much more than just attractive aesthetics backed by SEO strategies. Technical features and user experience weigh heavily on the usability of a site, among other factors. When auditing a site for optimization, it is essential to carefully review every detail, even parts that appear to be insignificant. [...]


3 Reasons Why Your Website Visitors Aren’t Buying

For most entrepreneurs, there aren’t many things more frustrating than steady website traffic that doesn’t turn into customers. Generating traffic is a task in itself, so when the website visitors leave without converting, business owners frantically try to figure out why. There are countless factors that could be contributing to why visitors aren’t purchasing from [...]

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