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Get regular updates on the latest web design trends, social media, and of course, tips and tricks for successfully marketing your company and website. You can browse our extensive number of posts by category or you can simply check in on us when you have a question or curiosity.Send us a message if you have any questions.

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Why Information Architecture Is Important For Your Website

Information architecture is one of the most overlooked aspects of the web design process because it is often confused with many other areas. Many people use the term interchangeably with technical architecture, navigation, and more. This is very unfortunate because information architecture is a vital component, the backbone if you will, of web design. If [...]


If Your Website is Outdated, You’re Losing Customers

In this day and age, your website often serves as the first interaction prospective customers have with your brand.  Most browse online before they ever shop in stores, and when they’re searching for goods or services, you want to make a good impression with the platforms they encounter. What if your website is hopelessly out [...]


Develop a Successful Website Redesign Strategy in 2019

Your website is a digital representation of your brand in the online world, but it’s a lot more than just a virtual storefront – it could be the first and only interaction prospective customers have with your business, and it needs to impress them just as much as any physical location filled with attractive product [...]


Do You Need a Website Redesign or Just a Refresh?

In our tech-driven culture, most businesses understand the importance of having a website that runs well and that is aesthetically pleasing. The one big caveat to having a website is that the work does not end after its initial build. Having a website is a constant work in progress and there comes a time when [...]


Use web design color psychology to increase conversions

Did you know that a color can change how someone perceives your company and the products or services that you offer? As humans, we are visually-driven creatures and colors can play a big role in altering our moods and our perceptions; this is why you will typically see the walls of hospitals painted in muted, [...]


Is an Outdated Website Causing Your Business to Lose Revenue?

When your printer finally gives up the ghost and refuses to make another copy, what do you do?  If it’s beyond repair, you hand it over to your e-waste partner and purchase a newer and better piece of equipment to serve your needs now and moving into the future. While it’s easy to tell when [...]


Best practices for business landing pages

Business landing pages are in many ways similar in design to other landing pages, but there are some key differences. If you are trying to attract consumers, then you need to appeal to the impulse buy; however, other businesses are not so impulsive in their choices. A calculating approach means you have to design your [...]


What are the essential elements of a good homepage?

People often say don’t judge a book by its cover; however, we almost always do. A homepage is no different. It is the first interaction a visitor has with your website, so you better believe that they are going to judge you on it accordingly. From a marketing standpoint, the homepage is ground zero for [...]


How Can Custom Software Development Help Your Business Scale?

One of a business owner’s primary goals is figuring out effective ways of cuttings costs while yielding higher returns. When it comes to software, it may be tempting to use third party applications rather than hiring a developer to create something specifically suited to the specific needs of a business. However, this line of thinking [...]


4 Ways to Use Live Chat on Your Website to Improve Conversion Rates

Websites have provided consumers with an easy means of finding products, services, and brands that offer exactly what they’re looking for in practically the blink of an eye. One thing that has long been lacking in this equation, however, is the human touch and immediate personal service that exist when a customer walks into a [...]

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