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Helpful Tips for Smooth and Easy Website Navigation

Web App DevelopersBelieve it or not, the structure and flow of your website’s navigation can affect sales, bounce rate, and overall conversion. You don’t want people coming to your website, getting frustrated because they can’t find what they’re looking for, and then closing the tab out.

If they can’t find your product or service listing page, they won’t buy anything or hire you. They won’t sign up for newsletters or email alerts, and they’ll never answer the call-to-action you place at the end of blogs.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of 4 helpful tips for smooth and easy website navigation: so you won’t end up losing the potential sales you worked hard to attract.

Tips for Smooth and Easy Website Navigation

If you’ve been noticing low engagement and high bounce rates, then use these four tips to improve your site’s navigation.

Order Pages by Importance

Importance is determined by both your business and your customers. You want to push visitors down your sales funnel while also adding value to the experience and giving them what they need.

For instance, if you’re an eCommerce site, then you want to have your product listing categories as the navigation buttons in an easily identifiable place — like across the top of the page or down either side. You want to remove as much friction between the customer and the end goal (your checkout page) as possible.

Plan and Organize the Site Structure

You want to be forward-thinking in this aspect. That means drawing and outlining the website’s navigational and layout structure before creating any content for the page. Like a storyboard, it will determine the overall flow of how people make their way through the site.

Also, when you use this approach, you can see potential obstacles beforehand and iron them out early. It can be difficult and costly having to do this in the future once the site is already live.

Don’t Try to Reinvent the Wheel

It can be tempting to want to stand out or break the mold, but as the saying goes, “if it’s not broken, why are you trying to repair it?” The main goal of a website is usability, not showing off your creative side. Stick with tried and true methods that are known to work.

Use your innovation in your products, marketing strategies, and other areas of your business where they can bring you more value.

Implement Adaptive and Responsive Menus

There are a variety of devices people will use to connect to your site, and everyone should have a near equal experience. Most people use smartphones, but computers, tablets, video game consoles, and even smart TVs can access the internet and view web pages.

It’s easy to implement cross-platform compatibility with a few lines of code or the right plugins.

Net Profit Marketing: Rely on a Team You Can Trust

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