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5 Common Web Design Myths to Avoid

Web Design

Web design is constantly evolving. New technologies and changing user preferences lead to changes in standard practice. There are also important trends emerging at any given time.

Good web designers pay attention to these things. They extract the elements that are valuable and discard anything that doesn’t lead to better design. Talented designers know to avoid being pulled in by these 5 common web design myths:

1. Your Homepage Is Always the Most Important Element

You’ve probably seen this before. A website has an amazing home page, but everything else seems like an afterthought. These sites may have been designed under the false impression that the homepage is always the most important.

At one point, this was somewhat true. People would usually surf into your homepage from their chosen search engine, then navigate based on what they needed to accomplish. Now, Google has such a pinpoint-perfect search algorithm that visitors are routed to the specific page they need. They may never even see your homepage.

2. Free Website Services Make Everyone a Web Designer

Why pay a web designer when you can just use one of those free website builders? You can even get hosting for free!

While this option may work for some personal websites, it’s generally not a good approach for business websites. These free sites are often based on design templates that create a very “cookie-cutter” website. Also, if you need to add features for eCommerce or add other services, those are rarely free.

3. Whitespace Is Unattractive to Visitors

When used correctly, whitespace enhances readability. It can also be used to create a stark, modern design. Instead of avoiding whitespace, consider avoiding these common mistakes:

  • Not balancing white space in margins
  • Failing to “anchor” text and images
  • Using low-quality images with a lot of whitespace

When web designers use it thoughtfully, whitespace can improve the user experience.

4. It’s Impossible to Target More than One Audience

Your website should focus on just one target audience. Otherwise, it will be too generic to attract anyone.

This presumption is another longstanding myth with some basis in truth. If your website casts too wide a net, it may not inspire anybody to convert. Fortunately, you no longer have to sacrifice some audience groups for others. Instead, you can have your site designed to give visitors a personally curated experience.

5. Good Web Design Must Be Expensive

Web design can seem expensive and out of reach when you price out redesigning an entire website. It’s also easy to make the mistake of viewing these services as a wasted cost instead of an investment that pays off over time.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of good web design. Instead, talk to a reputable design team. They may be able to take a phased approach or recommend a few key changes that work within your budget.

Net Profit Marketing Applies Solid Web Design Practices

The web design team at Net Profit Marketing has the latest skills and will deliver the website you need. We take a personalized approach to web design for your business. You can count on us for a focused approach that emphasizes best practices. Contact us today for more information about web design.

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