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Top User-Friendly Features Every eCommerce Website Needs

eCommerce Website design

People are spending more of their money online than ever before. That’s a great thing for eCommerce businesses, but it has also created loads of competition. The best way for brands to stand out is by improving customer experience. These user-friendly features are the best place to start.

More Payment Options

It’s an absolute must to have the latest payment options available to your customers. People are simply used to the convenience of Google Pay, PayPal, and other digital options. Don’t forget about cryptocurrency.

Are you selling more expensive items? You could add Klarna or another option that allows customers to make payments over time. More advanced eCommerce sites are also adding features like click to purchase.

Personalized Options

What are you doing for loyal and returning shoppers? The following elements can keep your site more engaging:

  • Custom discounts and offers
  • Recommended products
  • Location-specific deals and products
  • Upselling during the checkout process
  • Integration with loyalty programs

It’s always important to let customers know that you appreciate their continued business.

Online Support

Chat support that’s available 24/7 is ideal for helping to ensure a frictionless shopping experience. Customers can use chat to ask questions about products, get help completing purchases, or seek recommendations.

Enhanced Product Views

Displaying products with clear, high-resolution photos is the bare minimum. Give customers an even better view with 360-degree photography, zoom-in, 3-D images, or augmented reality. Shoppers also appreciate helpful product demo videos.

These features aren’t just user-friendly. They also increase engagement and time on-page.

Wish Lists

A wish list is a perfect place for a customer to:

  • Store items they don’t want in their shopping cart
  • Create lists for family members or upcoming events
  • Save items that are currently out of stock
  • Keep a list of big-ticket items for later

Wish lists also give customers an opportunity to return to your site and complete purchases later.

Wish lists lead to increased traffic as well, as people share their lists with others. Customer wish lists can also be integrated into email drip campaigns. Additionally, you can mine wish list data to gauge which products are popular.

User-Generated Content

User-generated content includes reviews, ratings, testimonials, images, and videos produced by people who have purchased your products. By sharing these on your eCommerce site, you provide shoppers with valuable social proof.

Additionally, this allows shoppers to see products in use from the perspective of the average customer. This may be more valuable to them than expertly produced product demo videos.

Easy Product Search

There’s no need for shoppers to drill down through endless product categories or scroll through pages of search results to find what they need. Add these features to improve navigation:

  • Faceted navigation
  • Footer links
  • Search by features and benefits
  • Autocomplete
  • Related products search
  • Visual search

Don’t lose customers because your search and navigation features aren’t intuitive enough.

Net Profit Marketing Can Boost eCommerce Performance

The experts at Net Profit Marketing can help you build a user-friendly eCommerce site. Our team will conduct a thorough analysis to identify the features you need to improve traffic, engagement, and sales.


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