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The Impact of Page Load Time on Your Conversion Rates

Since the beginning of the internet, we have all shared a universal understanding that slow and buggy pages are bad. In the old days, when you came across a website with extensive loading times or slow processing speed, it was almost always a site that contained malware or some other type of computer virus.

Even if, by some chance, the website didn’t infect your computer with a virus, it would often end up crashing your browser or even your whole computer. This annoying inconvenience is not easily forgotten.

People subconsciously associate slow, lagging sites with viruses and inconvenient software and hardware crashes. It’s no surprise visitors promptly leave websites with significantly long loading times.

Not even giant brands are exempt from the page load time standard. In fact, Walmart reported that for every second they improved their page load times, they saw a 2% conversion increase.

The good news is that if you’re looking into decreasing your page load time, you are doing better than the vast majority of people on the internet. If your site loads in under three seconds, then it is faster than half of the websites on the internet.

Mobile Users Should Always Be Considered

Many people mistakenly assume that if their website is in tip-top shape on PCs, their site on a mobile phone appears and works in the exact same manner. Unfortunately, it is far from being that simple. It is critical to review and optimize your mobile site for the best user experience possible.

Mobile devices are in the pockets of almost every citizen around the globe. Some studies actually suggest that people use their mobile phones considerably more than they use their desktops or laptops.

In a study Google conducted a few years ago, the data is extraordinarily telling. 53% of mobile users leave a website if it takes longer than three seconds to load. Though the average load time is 19 seconds, the mobile sites that load in five seconds or under earn twice as much as the sites that take the average time to load.

Conversion Rates and Your Website

The number of people who leave your website without scrolling down or navigating the site at all is commonly known as your site’s “bounce rate.” It is its own metric, measured against how many people visit your site and then explore it. If your bounce rate is extremely high, then all those people who left are potential conversions that got away.

Mobile page speed is a factor in your SEO rankings, which means that if your bounce rate is high, your site will become less visible when people search using keywords that relate to your site.

Furthermore, the visitors who had a bad encounter with your site can come back to bite. People have a need to share their experiences, and negative word of mouth can be detrimental to your business.

There are countless businesses in operation with more opening every day. Customers who are always having issues with your site could easily choose to switch to the competition. By getting your page load time under five seconds, you are substantially improving your bounce rate, which opens the door to far more conversions.

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