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Local Landing Pages: Top Reasons Why Localized Content Matters

Establishing an e-Commerce website allows you to reach thousands of potential customers across multiple markets — that is simply the power of the Internet. Businesses no longer have to limit their reach to local clients. Thanks to all of the digital platforms available to us, we can target a greater number of people, all while [...]


Why is content such an important part of SEO?

SEO and content are often used interchangeably, or at the very least as a relationship that is misunderstood. Content marketing is a synergistic diode of content and SEO. Let’s go over some of the basics. Defining SEO content writing It might seem obvious, but the content part of SEO is simply organizing content in a [...]


How Do Online Reviews Impact Local SEO?

As time trudges on, the importance of online review sites such as Facebook, Google, and Yelp has exponentially increased. Many studies show that almost fifty percent of consumers check online reviews prior to making a purchase. Even further, these studies show that consumers trust online reviews even more than recommendations from friends and family! Consequently, [...]


Kick Off 2014 by Boosting Your Local SEO

The use of locally focused SEO has been seen by some people as a fad or a trend that will change soon. This is far from the truth it is actually a paradigm shift in the way that people search for local products and services and is an important area to focus SEO resources on [...]


What Is a Search Query? It’s Not As Simple As It Used To Be

We all know by now that the first step in SEO is keyword research — without a keyword to focus on, there’s no optimizing to be done. From the end-user’s perspective, what you call a keyword, s/he calls a ‘search query’ — it’s what s/he just typed into Google to try to get some information. [...]


Like Detroit, SEO Is Rebuilding Itself — And Thank God

Detroit went through just about one of the worst fates a city could experience in the last five years. Entire empty neighborhoods, literal ghost towns, had to be bulldozed. It was the specter of Death itself — but like all death, the economic disaster made room for new life. Detroit is seeing surprising growth coming [...]


Homespun Local SEO Spells SOS!

There are plenty of people out there who love to get their hands dirty when it comes to their own businesses. Let’s face it; here in Detroit, enough of us have had to pick ourselves up off the ground, dust ourselves down, and get on with things on our own terms. The great thing is, [...]


Get Ready for Facebook Nearby!

Facebook is clearly looking ahead in terms of local search, and have recently released an update for both their iOS and Android app, which features a stronger ‘Facebook Nearby’ than was evident in the past. Facebook’s ‘Nearby’ function has always let users see where their friends had checked in, but this new update takes things [...]


The View From Detroit: SEO Should Go Natural or Go Home!

With so many businesses setting up in Detroit in the last few years there’s bound to be a temptation to really push the envelope in terms of marketing your business. Sure, you want to get ahead of your competitors, you want to be the cream that rises to the top — but you have to [...]


Local SEO Secrets to Supersize Your Small Business Profits

‘Local SEO’ is the hottest buzz term in Internt marketing today. Why is it really so important to your business’ success and what’s the secret for winning at local search? Why Your Business Can’t Survive Without a Winning Local SEO Strategy It doesn’t matter how great of a location you have, how slick your website [...]

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