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What is Your Bounce Rate and Why is it So Important?

Online analytics can be a needlessly obscure and dense arena of information with which to engage. This is especially true if, rather than being a tech genius, your professional strengths are tied to a particular industry that just happens to be operating online, given the realities of the current marketplace.  For the uninitiated, one term that can [...]


Why do Your Organic Website Rankings Fluctuate?

Anyone who’s spent time building an online business knows that building organic clicks and interactions through search engine optimization (SEO) is incredibly important. Making sure that the people you’re trying to reach with your website can find you easily (and easier than they can find the competition) is crucial. One way to measure the success [...]


The Benefits of Using an Agency to Manage your PPC and SEO

It might seem intuitive to consider your PPC (pay-per-click ads) and SEO (search engine optimization) to be distinct elements of building your brand and securing customers for your online business. However, there are several advantages to using a single agency to manage both PPC and SEO that many business owners don’t consider. In this post, [...]


5 Major E-commerce Trends in 2020

2020 has been unprecedented in countless ways. Finding ways to make your business stand out in the digital marketplace has become more and more challenging, especially in a year as turbulent and out-of-the-ordinary as this one.  Since the beginning of the year we’ve seen a pandemic that has increased online traffic by leaps and bounds, there have [...]


A beginner guide to web analytics

To get a full picture of how well your website’s working, it’s vital to get a firm grip on the tools that analyze how each part of it functions. But it’s easy to get intimidated by the full assortment of statistics and information that comprises a web analytical interface. Fortunately, a beginner doesn’t have to jump [...]


5 possible reasons clicks aren’t turning into conversions on your website

Nothing is as frustrating as spending excessive amounts of time, effort, and money into a major e-commerce marketing or Google Ads campaign that gets a lot of attention that doesn’t generate new business. Even purveyors of top-quality products and services run into the issue of being unable to convert site visits and ad clicks. The [...]


Why you should use an agency to manage your SEO and PPC

Over much of the history of web commerce, search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click advertising (PPC) were considered two nearly mutual branches of digital marketing. Very loosely defined, SEO was perceived more as a function of web development and design, and PPC was a direct digital outgrowth of traditional advertising. For that reason, many companies hired [...]


Tracking clicks on your links in Google Analytics’ Tag Manager

Metrics are more than invaluable when you run a website: it’s an absolute necessity to measure usage. One of the most fundamental metrics is gauging how people interact with the links on your site to navigate their way through it. Nevertheless, it’s a data point that many webmasters don’t always pay the right amount of attention [...]


Why SEO is More Important than Ever During COVID-19

Search engine optimization (SEO) has been around just about as long as businesses operating in the online arena.  It didn’t take long for many companies to see the potential inherent in the worldwide web to build a recognizable brand identity, reach new consumer audiences, and deliver a convenient shopping experience.  As soon as a competitive [...]


The Importance of Site Architecture in Driving Organic Traffic

There are myriad factors involved in how your business performs in the online arena, and you need to make sure that your efforts are aligned to deliver the best possible user experience and optimize for maximum ROI.  While it’s easy to focus on content, SEO, and advertising efforts, you also need to make sure you [...]

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