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Get regular updates on the latest web design trends, social media, and of course, tips and tricks for successfully marketing your company and website. You can browse our extensive number of posts by category or you can simply check in on us when you have a question or curiosity.Send us a message if you have any questions.

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Keyword Intent: How it Can Boost Your Conversion Rate

A lot of effort goes into tracking and predicting keywords search users might choose when looking for specific goods, services, companies, and brands.  Staying aware of trending keywords that are relevant to your brand, your company, and your industry is an essential part of any online marketing strategy. That said, the relative popularity of related [...]


How to Handle a Social Media Crisis

How do we handle any kind of crisis is life? While there are certainly some people who hunker down, shell shocked, and wonder why they didn’t see it coming, most of us try to prepare for potential disasters so that we can sail through with ease. It’s not always possible to plan for the unknown, [...]


2019 Content Strategy Ideas that You Shouldn’t Ignore

Content has long been king in the world of online marketing.  In the early days, business exploration of the potential of the worldwide web included website creation and the use of content pretty much solely as a vehicle for SEO.  Of course, search engines were none too pleased about this as it served to deliver [...]


Why Image Optimization is Crucial for Your Website

Even if you’re not an expert at web design or SEO, you probably have some knowledge of both if you own and operate a business, because you simply can’t run a successful and competitive business these days without an online component.  You might not be the first to know about changing algorithms or new social [...]


Testing Your Mobile App: Top Tips and Tricks You Should Know

There’s no shortage of mobile apps available for the convenience and entertainment of Apple and/or Android users – an estimated 4 million plus for both platforms combined were registered as of the third quarter of 2018, which means there’s a lot of competition for new apps in development.  Even worse, a study from Localytics released [...]


How to Conduct Keyword Research for an E-Commerce Brand

Keywords are an important part of being found in the online world.  When the keywords in your content and your online ads match what search users are looking for, Google will use them to determine the relevance of your content.  This is a major factor in ranking your pages, as opposed to competitors offering similar [...]


Develop a Successful Website Redesign Strategy in 2019

Your website is a digital representation of your brand in the online world, but it’s a lot more than just a virtual storefront – it could be the first and only interaction prospective customers have with your business, and it needs to impress them just as much as any physical location filled with attractive product [...]


What Can SEO and PPC Do for Your Business?

There are so many ways to increase outreach and encourage conversions online, but two of the best options to explore are search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) advertising.  Both are complex undertakings that require ongoing effort and education, although you can hire experts to help you with both. What you need to [...]


Use the Power of Social Media to Promote Your Website

Social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that enjoy billions of monthly active users provide untold opportunities to not only reach a vast audience of potential consumers, but also target very specific demographics with advertising to try to gain followers and encourage patronage.  Of course, the main reason many businesses utilize social media is [...]


Keyword Research Tips to Max Out Search Traffic in 2019

Pretty much anyone who has owned and operated a website for any length of time understands the importance of keywords.  You want the language on your website to match what search engine users are looking for so that targeted traffic can find you.  Of course, with so many competitors vying for rankings with the same [...]

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