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4 Google Analytics Reports Your Business Needs to Know About

Google Analytics

The reports that Google Analytics provides offer valuable information that will help you improve your website’s ability to reach your audience, ultimately helping you achieve your goals for building your business. The following 4 reports should be the cornerstones of any serious analytics strategy:

1. Overview Report

The Overview report shows you the big picture of how your website is performing. It’s a high-level view of traffic sources, conversions, revenue, and user behavior across your site.

Each Overview report consists of four key sections:

Traffic Sources

This section shows where your traffic is coming from, as well as how much of it has come from search and direct traffic over time. You can also see which keywords were responsible for driving visitors to your site.


The conversions section shows how many people are converting on each page of your website — whether it’s a purchase or email sign-up — and their average value.


This section shows you how much money you’ve generated from the different sources on your site, including paid search ads, organic search traffic, and email newsletters. It also shows which landing pages are generating the most revenue (and should continue to be promoted).

User Behavior

The user behavior section gives you insight into what users are doing once they arrive on your website, including how long they stay there (the average time spent on each page) and where they go next (the bounce rate).

2. Acquisition Report

This report shows how your website acquired new users, whether through direct or referral traffic or from search engine terms. It is one of the most important reports for any company because it shows where most of your visitors are coming from and how they’re finding you. 

If a lot of people are finding you through social media or some other channel that isn’t part of your marketing plan, this information can help you make adjustments to reach them more effectively.

3. Behavior Report

The behavior report shows which pages on your site are getting the most engagement from users, such as page views and time on page. You can also see what devices they’re using to look at your website and where they’re coming from (geographic location). 

This report is another very important analytics source because it gives you insight into how users interact with your content and whether there are any patterns that may indicate areas for improvement or optimization.

4. Conversions Report

The conversions report tracks how many people took specific actions after visiting your website — such as clicking a link or downloading an e-book — so that you can determine which marketing campaigns are working best and optimize accordingly.

Make the Most of Your Analytics Reports with Net Profit Marketing

If you’re like most small business owners, you probably spend a lot of time examining analytics reports. You want to know how many visitors come to your site and where they’re coming from. This want is coupled with a desire to know if your marketing is working — and how much it’s costing you.

At Net Profit Marketing, we’re here to help. Our experts know how to examine Google Analytics reports so your business can make educated decisions moving forward with your digital marketing campaigns. To learn more about our digital marketing services, please contact our team — we look forward to working with you

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