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6 Tips to Use Conversational Marketing Successfully in Your Business

Conversational marketing is a more personable marketing approach involving conversing directly with your website users and prospects. You can leverage this marketing strategy in several ways, including voice assistants, chatbots, live chat, conversational AI, and traditional phone calls.

Using conversational marketing allows for better and more efficient personal communication with customers, but even better, an effective conversational marketing strategy will drive more leads and increase your sales.

Here are six specific strategies to help drive your business growth using conversational marketing.

  1. Utilize Chatbots

Chatbots work great for:

  • Quickly gathering actionable customer information
  • Addressing any pain points a customer may have
  • Directing site users to the right solution

Be creative with your use of chatbots. Make sure they reflect the overall style and attitude of your brand.

You can also leverage chatbots to set up meetings between customers and live agents. Rather than taking up a representative’s time with a discovery call, you can use a chatbot to get any relevant information beforehand and schedule a meeting, allowing agents to get to the meat of the matter while on the call. Additionally, instead of waiting for a rep to return a phone call, your customer can immediately book their meeting with a bot, then continue with their day.

  1. Spend More Time on Social Media

Social media may as well have been made for conversational marketing, and top-performing businesses know how to use their social media channels to increase audience engagement.

For example, Sephora allows customers to book appointments on Facebook Messenger using geo-tagging. 1-800-FLOWERS uses Messenger to live chat with customers trying to find the perfect gift for a loved one.

  1. Give Options for Self-Service

Giving customers self-service options is a great way to decrease the pressure on your reps while simultaneously leading to higher customer satisfaction.

When you give your users the ability to engage directly with a live representative, they’re immediately empowered to resolve any issues slowing down the sales process.

  1. Use Text Message Marketing

After a meeting has been booked with a prospect, you can use SMS text messaging to send reminders as the appointment approaches. Beyond that, consider using SMS alerts to tell your prospects and customers about new product launches or promotional offers.

Text messaging is an important part of your overall conversational marketing strategy and helps add value to your customer’s experience.

  1. Know Your Audience

You’ll be amazed by how much data conversational marketing will provide you. Every time a user talks with a chatbot, engages with a representative, or completes a survey, they provide more data about who they are and what they need.

As you improve your conversational marketing strategies, you’ll subsequently learn a lot about where you’re succeeding and where you need to improve.

  1. Make Conversations a Premium

Be careful not to spend too much time over-analyzing what’s working and what’s not. Remember, the ultimate goal of conversational marketing is to build better relationships with your prospects and customers, and every interaction you have with them creates a negative or positive experience in their minds.

The more personal, positive interactions a customer has with you and your brand, the more likely they’ll become long-term customers.

Using Conversational Marketing to Your Benefit

Now that you understand the importance of using conversational marketing, it’s time to make it work for you. Our experts can closely examine all your marketing strategies, then show you how and where you can improve. Get in touch with us today.

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