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5 possible reasons clicks aren’t turning into conversions on your website

Nothing is as frustrating as spending excessive amounts of time, effort, and money into a major e-commerce marketing or Google Ads campaign that gets a lot of attention that doesn’t generate new business. Even purveyors of top-quality products and services run into the issue of being unable to convert site visits and ad clicks.

The problem might be related to how your site or ad campaign is managed or configured. Correcting a few details could make a major difference in an uptick in conversions. Here are a few problems that may be contributing to your lack of conversions and ideas on how to repair them.

Flawed campaign structure

Often a low conversion rate can be the result of poor or incomplete design elements. If the website is unappealing, is difficult to navigate, has confusing or inoperative CTA’s, or suffers from broken links or site errors, visitors likely give up before completing a conversion.

Other parts of your campaign may not be wrong, per se, but could take away from the user experience enough to turn possible conversions off. Heavy overuse of intrusive pop-up ads may be a problem; over-aggressive CTA language may be another.

Manage your site and campaign so that execution is effective and simple and take a good look at the elements that might drive users somewhere else.

Keyword matching isn’t working

Using very broad search terms in your campaign can be problematic, not to mention a waste of an expensive ad budget. When web users search for a very broad term—such as “popular music” or “tennis shoes”—often they’re just conducting research and not intending to buy anything. The money you spend on ads that pop up in a general search winds up being wasted.

Conversely, keyword matching that’s too narrow can result in your campaign never getting noticed in the first place. Take a thorough stock of your keyword use with analytic tools to strike a happy balance.

Badly configured conversion tracking

Your conversion rates may be affected by your inability to derive accurate information on how well it’s doing. Without proper monitoring of both the execution and results of your campaign, you could be throwing a lot of money down the drain. Make sure your ad accounts are properly linked (i.e., configure your Google Ads account with a relevant property from Google Analytics), and that you’re extracting the right data (i.e., conversions—not just site visits or click-throughs).

Ineffective marketing segmentation

Some users visit your site for research or informational purposes only. Placing ads on pages that get seen by visitors who aren’t interested in converting is another waste of resources. Restrict your campaign to pages in which users are more likely to execute a purchase or conversion action and limit its usage to more informational pages.

Value prop is uncertain

Web commerce is competitive. When you propose that customers pick your product or service over others, you have to give them reasons as to why your offer is the best buy for their money. One reason they’re not converting may be that your campaign doesn’t explain that to their satisfaction. Use all the tools in your arsenal—messaging, videos, images, and so forth—to drive home why your product is unique and indispensable.

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