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How to Combine Social Media and PPC for More Conversions

We all know the risks of putting all our eggs in one basket.  In this graphic metaphor, if the basket falls, all the eggs get smashed.  This is why we put money in savings, contribute to a 401K, and create a diverse investment portfolio to save for retirement.  The same principle can apply to marketing efforts for your business.

When it comes to marketing, it’s tempting to put all your focus and budget into one area that’s most likely to deliver returns, but you can actually get closer to your goals by taking a multifaceted approach.  You don’t have to choose between PPC and social media campaigns – by spreading your resources out and integrating these two marketing channels, you can bolster outcomes.

In truth, it’s not a huge leap to see how these two avenues overlap.  How can you combine social media and PPC to increase conversions?  Here are a few things you should know.

Follow Competitors

They say it’s best to keep your friends close and your enemies closer.  In business, you should always pay attention to what competitors are doing, not so you can copy them, but so you can learn from their successes and failures without reinventing the wheel.

Where other businesses are failing with their PPC and social media, you have an opportunity to swoop in and fill the gap.  When they succeed, you need to find ways to tweak good ideas to fit your business and your brand, transforming them into something new that suits your needs and your audience.

Test and Track

The biggest draw for combining your social media and PPC efforts is the opportunity to test, track, and ultimately, make favorable adjustments that increase returns.  Both PPC and social media offer you incredible options to track data and see what’s resonating with your audience.

If you’re worried about spending on a failing PPC campaign, run options through social media channels first to see which variants appeal most to your audience.  You can use this information to launch a successful PPC campaign, resulting in growing conversions.

Remarketing Efforts

The information you gather from both social media and PPC can inform not only you marketing strategies, but also opportunities for remarketing.  When followers express an interest, you have a unique opportunity to follow up, potential increasing their interest and resulting in desired conversions like click-through, return visits, sales, or ongoing membership, for example.  This could inform your social media and PPC strategies alike as you target specific customers or groups that have higher likelihood of conversion.

Cross-Channel Branding

Branding across multiple channels not only increases your chances of reaching new consumers, but also providing various encounters with your branding in order to raise awareness, amplify recognition, and encourage interaction.  Repetition increases the probability of remembering, and brand recognition can play an important role in conversions.

Convert to Social

It’s easy to see how social media can help to improve your PPC efforts, but it’s actually a two-way street.  You can also use PPC ads to encourage viewers to follow your social media channels, which can help you to engage and ultimately convert followers to customers.

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