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Level-Up Your Social Media Ads: How to Market to the Next Generation of Buyers

You likely want to update your social media advertising strategy to appeal to a younger, upcoming generation. This work means shifting your focus to Gen-Z and Zillennials. You have to learn how consumers in these groups use social media and how they engage with brands online.

Then, you can create a social media advertising strategy that allows you to appeal to these younger buyers.

Reconsider Your Platform Focus

Facebook was the key focus when many brands began marketing on social media. This positioning remains true even today for many companies. That’s worked well so far, but if you want to appeal to Gen-Z and its ilk, it’s time to turn your attention to other platforms.

Younger customers are spending very little time on Facebook. Instead, they are active on TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and Reddit. Of course, you may need to dig a bit deeper to find precisely where your audience is.

Make Your Accounts Social Commerce Ready

It’s entirely possible that younger customers will research a company, browse its products, select items they want, and make a purchase without ever visiting its homepage. This demographic has fully embraced social commerce.

Social media platforms have perfected algorithms that detect users’ needs and interests. These platforms then offer the perfect recommendations. Gen Z appreciates this assistance and the frictionless experience that social commerce offers. If your social media accounts aren’t yet set up for shopping, now is a great time to take care of that.

Use Influencers

Zoomers and Zillennials consume a significant amount of content from influencers. You can boost your social media exposure with influencer marketing.

This idea may seem intimidating at first. You may have seen national brands leveraging A-list celebrities to get attention on social media. Don’t be discouraged by that. Smaller brands can reach a wider audience on social media by using local or micro-influencers with smaller but very engaged audiences.

Keep Engagement Up

Younger social media audiences are more likely to follow brands on social media. They aren’t passive about it, either. These users will comment, tag brands in their own posts, and share branded content.

The downside to this reality is that they are also quick to unfollow brands. They are quick to jump ship if they discover that a brand doesn’t share their social values, sense a lack of authenticity, or are unimpressed with particular content.

To keep Gen Z engaged, you’ll want to commit to creating and promoting great content. Be responsive to engagement, and by all means, be authentic.

Putting It All Together with Net Profit Marketing

You may find that you only need to make a few tweaks to reach the next generation of buyers on social media. However, you may also discover that your social media marketing strategy needs a real overhaul.

No matter what you uncover, you can count on the experts at Net Profit Marketing to help you level up your social media advertising Contact us to make a plan that works for your brand.

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