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Optimizing YouTube Videos –Tips and Best Practices

YouTube is the second search engine after Google that attracts millions of traffic daily and its Alexa Traffic Rank is 3. Optimizing YouTube channels makes sense when you want to see a traffic-boom on your site. It’s also a sensible option if you are looking to attract more business. The scope is huge so optimizing a YouTube channel is a basic need that no one with a business to run can overlook.

Your objectives of planning out a YouTube video can include all of the following:

  • Boosting Rate of Conversion
  • Raising Awareness for Your Brand
  • Improving User Value, plus Enjoyment Value
  • Boosting Social Engagement
  • Scoring High In Google’s SERPs
  • Or others…
    • Awesome tricks to optimize YouTube channel to stimulate rankings and sales for your business:

      Picking The Right Keywords
      Keywords form the core of YouTube optimization so you can start off things by doing a keyword research. There’s no rocket-science involved in it – simply search for keywords around your niche the way you do for your website.

      Identify the keywords that are the best fit for your niche video right at the onset – thereon you can include them in the title and description of your video. YouTube keyword tool is a great option you can try – it’s a tool that indicates the search volume of keywords and gives you ideas for picking new keywords.

      At the basic level you can look for ‘How to…’ keywords; these kind of keywords attract the most impressions on YouTube. How To guides are relished the most by YouTube viewers; mostly viewers look for videos that give them a value-add on top of text-based walk-through.

      Write Attention-Grabbing Titles
      Write user-friendly, enriched titles for your videos having 70 characters to the maximum (inclusive of spaces). Your title should have compatible keywords with a hyperlink to the content. It simplifies the task of YouTube – enabling it to index for top placements in the SERPs.

      Keywords should appear at the start of titles, and make certain that the title aptly represent the theme of your video. You can grab attention by placing words in ALL CAPS or try stars (*), arrows (?). These are small things that tempt viewers to click and watch your video.

      Write enticing titles that prompt users to click and watch your videos. Attention-drawing titles like the cover headline of a magazine are most likely to be clicked and watched.

      Optimize Descriptions
      Keep description of your video down to 160 characters or less so that it appears fully in the search results. If a situation arises wherein it becomes inevitable to write long, more informative descriptions then add an attractive short text at the start of the description. Further, put a hyperlink to the website at the start of the description, plus incorporate compatible keywords in the text.

      Use Captions
      You can use captions to help Google discern what’s on the video, and in turn raise SEO rankings. Captions are a great way to make disabled people or people who are non-natives decipher the content of your video.

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