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How to Grab More Followers on Social Media

Are you looking to grab more followers? A lot of out-of-the-box ideas are handy which you can test to raise your follower-count. The ideas elucidated herein can make a big difference in the final numbers provided you make a sincere effort to apply them in the right way.

Some of the below-explained tricks might create a few mix-ups if you apply them recklessly. Nevertheless, you can try out these ideas to create a buzz and engage followers. A word of caution though: think carefully about each one before you blindly go following all of my advice. Not everything works for everyone.

Post a Medley of Content (like images, videos, text). Studies have pointed-out that images are the most engaging updates on social media networks. Sites like Pinterest and Instagram have been gaining huge popularity solely due to the new images posted in them daily. A great idea is to post lists, like ”Top Five Ways to Improve…..” or ”Top Ten Ideas How Small Businesses…… .” Lists will not only excite your target audience, but will also prove helpful in educating them.

Dish Out Freebies. This is another awesome idea you can try out to improve your follower-count. All you need to do is post a contest or two in social media. Come up with something, like the first five followers who claim your offer win prizes. This is a great way of soliciting support for a certain brand, or to create consciousness about a particular product you have recently launched. If you stick by your commitment and actually give away the prizes you promised, you’ll soon see a big jump in the number of followers.

Being Active in Social Media Pays. This is a time-tested formula to push-up the follower-count. It implies that you need to post, comment, like, tag, and do all the things that are socially acceptable, in order to send the message across that you are quite active in social media. Be more consistently visible in social networks by doing exhaustive social media stuff. It’s quite easy now-a-days to be visible – you can access Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using your mobile phone. You can snap pictures using your iPhone or android phone and post them straight away in Instagram.

Spot an Uncharted Low Competition Niche and Form Groups or Fan pages. Conceive a niche that is little-known in social media and form groups or fan pages. People feel a sense of belonging when they see themselves as part of a larger-than-life group. Forming groups and fan pages give you a chance to forge new links with people having similar likings as you. When you feel that there are enough members in your group you can proceed to the next step, and request them to be friends or followers into your own account.

Be Regular and Post Daily or Every Other Day. Make impelling posts that induce people to share your content. By posting absorbing content repeatedly you urge followers to ‘come back to your page’ regularly. In the beginning make a routine to post one time daily. Later on you can build tempo by adding more postings.

It’s not difficult to grab more followers on the social media sites — it just takes patience and discipline, and a little practice.

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