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Mobile Website Design: Tips For an Awesome Interface

Navigation is the key-element that makes or breaks the impression you create, in the eyes of users, for your mobile website. But, lots of websites fare poor on the usability scale – due to flaws in basic design of their site. Bad design mars the kind of quality that users are expecting to see in a mobile website; a beautiful design teamed with easy navigation, to and fro from the main site to the mobile version tilts the scale in your favor.

Lot of fluctuation exists in the mobile web design information disseminated on the web – that give rise to sites having a low-grade mobile interface designs. Adhere to the following design tips for an awesome interface and to enrich usability of your mobile site.

Collect Information about Your Users
You are designing for the end-users, so their needs have to be taken care of at all costs; the quality of interaction between your site’s interface and the user needs to be bumped up. Apply various usability testing and analytics tools to collect functional information – it’ll help infer users’ intent.

Align your site design with the needs of users; first of all find out the design elements that attract users the most and strictly have them on your site.

A Better Navigation
How quickly a user can navigate throughout the interface is the sole differentiating factor, that raises the efficacy of your mobile site’s usability. Don’t coerce users to view options, rather give them the ability to toggle for options. Don’t annoy users by making them fill-up lengthy forms, and deactivate features and widgets that are used rarely. Direct attention of users on the content you’re targeting rather than focusing their mind on the comeliness of your site.

Redirecting mobile users plus helping them easily identify particular screen resolutions, does a lot in improving navigation of your mobile website.

A Simple Design Makes a Big Difference
Stay away from adding more and more graphics, objects, and sounds to a web page. Overloading page makes it look cluttered, that destroys its usability; too many graphics yelling for attention would prove counter-productive. Stick with a simple design, it’ll make the web page look more professional. Keep the navigation bar short, get rid of hyper-links that are not-needed, and don’t litter page with tons of images. A clutter-free web-page is 10 times more useful than one that sounds bloated.

Color Plays a Key Role
A visually stunning mobile web design demands an undivided focus on the color scheme. Seasoned designers have the knack of playing with colors, that enable them to build web designs that grab attention. Pick colors wisely that go well with the basic theme and layout of your site. The skill of a designer is rated by observing the way colors display on a web page.

Information looks attractive when it’s done via colors, but make it certain that it’s clearly distinct from any other elements in the site design. Think from the point-of-view of relaying information in a meaningful way, rather than making it aesthetically more beautiful.

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