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5 Tips You Can Apply to Create A Beautiful Website Design

Who doesn’t want their website design to look no less than sensational? A beautiful website design creates that valuable first impression on the minds of visitors who land on a website for the first time. What is that must-have quality in a website design to make it standout?

Getting a website to look great doesn’t entail toiling for long hours, rather it’s a simple job: you merely have to understand the universal rules of a high-standard design and apply them on your website, and the rest will follow on its own.

Grasp the Basic Rules of Type Design
The formula of making a stunning web design, states Ryan Shafer, Lead Digital Designers at MTV & VH1, is seeing web as a cluster of text. ”I motivate all aspiring web designers to accept the reality that web is basically about typography design.”

When we go back five thousands years or so we find that type designers used up all their time refining text design, and there are some time-tested rules that all websites must stick to:

Rules applying to headlines:

  • Go bold to make the text easily readable
  • Apply sans serif typefaces for headlines – that way the text appear sharp

Rules applying to body text:

  • Go for serif typeface if there is lots of text
  • Keep the font-size a bit bigger than you feel is needed – ideally it should be 16 px at the least
  • For the lines they shouldn’t exceed 50-60 characters in length

Choose a solid typeface, with perhaps a touch of whimsy
There are some standard rules that apply when picking a font-face. When deciding a font-face stick to a shape that is simple to read, is moderately graphic, and perhaps a little whimsical. It lends superiority to the design and looks attractive as well.

You can also try Montserrat and Merriweather Sans, they are good choices.

Choose a three-color palette & stand by it
When it’s the question of creating a good-looking design the single most key element is picking an apt color palette and standing by it. Uniformity is the way forward when it comes to creating a cohesive color palette for your site.

”I go for neutral palettes that use an intense accent colors in an eye-catching way,” states Mike Fortress designer at Oak Studios. ”Ideal is a white background (#fff), and a slight dark text value with a little hue in it (#45585f), along with intense accent color (#4e4fff). Mike also cautions to be meticulous when picking the last color.

Have a look at Adobe’s Kuler tool for cues on picking colors, or for more motivations see what’s there in the collection of palettes at Colour Lovers.

Double-check your images for the right size
Keep it in mind that web is pixel centered, so if the size of your image isn’t sufficiently big enough it’s going to appear pixelated.

”Sizes matter a lot when you are hunting for images on Google or iStock, picking proper sizes is crucial at this point of time” states designer Kristine Zamic. ”Clear, sharp photos raise the credibility of a site.”

Avoid using images that are too small, they’ll hamper the quality of your site’s design.

Giving space is one of the key factors
Your content needs a lot of elbow room, so that factor is the key to creating an awesome looking design. Over use of text can be a taxing. The thumb-rule is to break text up with larger sub headings and easily read paragraphs. Using icons or images in place of text wherever it’s possible is a smarter way of communicating your point.

There are an infinite number of ways to create a beautiful web design, but for those who aren’t sure where to start, this is a good jumping-off point. Good luck!

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