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SEO Basics a Newbie Can Trust

A newbie who is just starting on applying SEO (search engine optimization) on his website faces various bottlenecks along the path. If you are new to SEO, and want to learn the ropes of the game then this article has a wealth of information for you to read, on how to kick-start your SEO campaign.

SEO is the short form of search engine optimization also called organic search. With the use of SEO you can have the best keywords in your website content, that match exactly with the keywords that users type in the search box to find their desired information.

The very idea behind using SEO is to drive traffic back to your website and rank high-up in SERPs for keywords that relate exactly to your content; there are certain technical elements you need to work upon, for example, picking keywords for use on your page that connect with audience that matter for your business, and building quality links that point to your site. Or SEO can be used by you to structure your site so that search engines can make out what it’s all about.

In a gist SEO is not used from the standpoint of ‘search engines’ alone, rather it’s done to make your website useful for people. So, both of these factors count when you are rolling out a campaign for ‘search engine marketing’.

Here are some SEO basics to start with:

  • Make the titles of your page as short as they can be because only a fixed number of characters show up in the search results pages. In order to make full title visible use less but targeted words – it’ll be far more effective than writing a long title that is partially visible.
  • Give a meta description – a few lines that turn up under a link in search results. A meta description is a good way of telling Google how you want your page to be described in its results. Here also you must ensure that descriptions are kept short and attractive. Don’t waste your time on writing descriptions that go beyond the limit affixed for number of viewable characters..
  • Don’t mess-up things by putting meta keywords. Google has stopped giving importance to meta keywords for ranking pages in search results. By putting meta keywords you’ll give the game away to your competitors; they’ll get the wind of keywords you are targeting..
  • Put your most important keywords in the H1 tag and these have to match exactly with the keywords contained in the page title plus your meta keywords. Via a H1 tag search engines discern what your page is about, so from that standpoint you can’t skip having it. But there should be only one H1 tag per page, otherwise you’ll confuse search engine crawlers and risk getting penalized..
  • Never waver from the main topic. Stick to it and create content that is to-the-point and targeted to the audience. If the topic of your webpage is ‘web design’ make content that centers around web design. By having too many topics on one page you lower the usefulness of your initial keyword research.

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