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Does SEO Still Exist? Part II: The Role of the Vizier

Last week, we talked about how the 2011-and-prior world of SEO as the dominant force in Internet Marketing has rightfully been replaced by a world in which “content is king” is actually a true statement. Today, we’re going to show you how SEO is still an absolutely vital part of the King’s Court.   SEO: [...]


Does SEO Still Exist? Part I: Content’s Coronation

Right now, if you look up SEO on any given search engine and you read carefully, you’ll notice a distinct divide between people who are talking about “SEO techniques” and “SEO strategies” and people who are talking about content. The first group treats SEO like it’s some sort of occult collection of mysterious digital rites [...]


A Big Small Site: Web Design for Sioux Falls

I’ve lived in Sioux Falls for several months now, and I’m starting to get a legitimate feel for the city. It’s a far cry from Detroit, by previous home, but I can honestly say by now that I love Sioux Falls. Maybe that’s because it’s a far cry from Detroit, but that’s another story. One [...]


Where is Web Design Going? – July 2015

We’re about halfway through 2015 now, so it seems like it’s time to check in with the current trends in web design and see how things are and where they seem to be headed next. Let’s jump right in: Flat Design Goes Material Inspired by a small bunch of code tools developed by Google that [...]


Content Marketing: Outreach as Networking, Part II

OK, last week we talked a bit about how the ‘outreach’ part of the content marketing cycle is essentially ‘professional networking’ under a different name. We’re going to keep going with that theme this week, so if you need to go read last week’s post to get caught up, go for it. We’ll wait right [...]


Content Marketing: Outreach as Networking, Part I

You’ve probably encountered the concept of ‘networking’ as something that professionals should do in order to increase their chances of success. The website LinkedIn is literally designed specifically for the practice. As it turns out, there are a lot of similarities between the two practices. The Basics When you’re content marketing, the thing that you [...]


Effective SEO: The Difference Between “Right” and “Not Wrong”

There’s a lot of great SEO advice out there, but there’s an unwritten assumption behind a lot of it — that being that the audience has even the slightest clue what part of that advice is good for them. It’s all too easy to go online and find reams of words written about why it’s [...]


Content Creation: How to Reach Your Audience — by Age

When you’re putting out great content, it might seem like the quality alone is enough to nail the best results — but because of the way that Google parses social media, there’s actually a significant advantage to nailing every aspect of your content release. See, when you get a decent amount of social media shares [...]


Sioux Falls, SEO, Net Neutrality, and the Value of Commerce

All three of the people who represent Sioux Falls in Congress are trying their hardest to undo the Net Neutrality ruling that the FCC passed at the end of February, and while this isn’t a political site or a political article, purely from the perspective of a Sioux Falls SEO provider, I’m a little confused. [...]


Women:Sioux Falls::Web Design:PPC

Look carefully enough at almost any success story, and you’ll be able to find another story lurking in the background, waiting to be brought into the light. Here are two completely unrelated but surprisingly similar examples. Women, Businesses, and Sioux Falls According to a national study of women in the workplace, Sioux Falls, South Dakota [...]

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