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5 things you should keep in mind when choosing a PPC agency

Time moves differently in the world of technology. New products and ideas and full-on revolutions happen nearly every day and the Great New Thing we adored last year is, well, so last year. Twenty years ago might as well be prehistoric but that is when we saw the rise of internet search engines and with it, pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. Search engines are still one of the best avenues to connect brands with customers and with nearly 4 billion Google searches every day, PPC marketing remains a key driver of website traffic.

For the uninitiated, PPC is a marketing model that charges advertisers every time someone clicks on their ads, with search engines being the most common. Advertisers can bid on where their ads are placed to help create the most search engine results.

If this all sounds a bit overwhelming, you’re not alone. Setting up a PPC strategy is complicated and time-consuming. It takes a specific skillset and tailored knowledge to dial in a successful program and you must constantly keep up with the light-speed pace of internet trends. In that regard, many people choose to trust this task to an experienced PPC agency. But with so much information to wade through, how do you choose an agency that’s right for your business needs?

Here are five things to consider:

Certifications matter

Digital advertising trends never rest. They evolve every day and a quality PPC agency fields a team with its finger on the industry pulse. To get there, individual staff and entire agencies can work to obtain certifications specific to their fields, including Google Ads Certification, Facebook Blueprint Certification, and YouTube Ads Certification.

Agencies then display certification badges on their websites to instill consumer confidence and you can then put your trust in an agency with a strong background.

Contracts are your friends

For those new to PPC processes, you might be hesitant to jump into a long-term contract but it’s all about timing. A PPC strategy takes a great deal of time and effort to pull together and agencies typically don’t see a return on their investment until the campaign yields results, which often entails several months.

Communication is key

Before establishing a relationship with an agency, be clear on their communication methods. Every agency has their own way of communicating and it is critical that you are both in sync. Monthly meetings, email performance updates, and online portals are common communication methods; and it is also important to know if the agency provides a point of contact and what their response time is to changes or concerns.

A strategic mind

You won’t know if an agency’s PPC strategy succeeds until it is in place. It’s tough to determine an agency’s chops beforehand but you can gauge as much by reviewing any current strategies, knowledge of platforms, and how they will match your PPC and SEO goals. You should also establish a clearly defined objective early in the partnership.

Proven experience

Every industry has its own nuances and quirks and choosing an agency with experience in your field goes a long way in creating an efficient marketing strategy that inspires an audience. Look for case studies or feedback from other customers in your niche.

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