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4 Crucial Landing Page Elements That Improve Online Conversions

A successful landing page that converts absolutely needs to inspire visitors to take action every step of the way in addition to letting search engines know that you’re providing valuable information as a thought leader. The main goal, of course is to convert visitors into customers and clients. Here are four crucial landing page elements that improve online conversions:

1. Videos
Well written, SEO-friendly copy still matters and by no means has video completely taken over, but it’s become an essential element of a successful landing page instead of just being the icing on the cake. In a recent study, 69% of companies reported that they’ve increased their budget for video marketing. Professional photos and videos show visitors what you do instead of telling them.

Tutorials and introductions to who you are humanize and inform potential leads and in terms of SEO, video content is more valuable than ever. Embedding a YouTube video is great, but having original, high quality videos uploaded onto your landing pages is impressive to Google and to your visitors. It increases the amount of time visitors are spending on your site instead of running the risk of having them run off to watch the video on YouTube.

2. Creative Call to Action
If you don’t directly tell your visitors what you want them to do, they won’t do it. Use CTAs like let us know your thoughts on, and sign up to become an expert in to get people to engage instead of read more and click here. The more specific, the better.

Keep in mind that the wording you’re using should be focused to entice the visitor to take a single action, whether that be to view your video content, sign up for your newsletter, or contact you about your services. Every CTA should lead them to that single goal in order to get them to convert on each of your landing pages. The more they say yes, the more likely they are to continue to say yes and opt in and convert.

3. Load Up On Content
More content is better. Search engines and visitors want to be as informed as possible and as a general rule, it’s tough to overdo it. Quality and quantity are equally as important when it comes to written landing page content. Typically, you should have at least 700-800 words on each landing page that is SEO friendly, broken up with buttons as well as containing quality design elements and appealing visual content.

With written content, more is more. It takes time and money but great landing page content pays for itself in the long run because it converts.

4. A Great Design
If visitors don’t like what they’re looking at, they’ll leave. If they feel comfortable where they are, they’ll be more likely to stay, and the more your average time on site increases, the more likely your visitors are to convert.

A good graphic designer will be able to work with you on elements like the psychology behind how visitors are likely to react to the color being used and how to use white space effectively. Invest in design. It’s worth it.

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