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What are the essential elements of a good homepage?

People often say don’t judge a book by its cover; however, we almost always do. A homepage is no different. It is the first interaction a visitor has with your website, so you better believe that they are going to judge you on it accordingly. From a marketing standpoint, the homepage is ground zero for conversions.

You need to put some real thought into how it is going to achieve your goals. We have all experienced poor homepages that confuse what we are supposed to do next. A homepage should encourage further search of the website, as well as engagement with the brand in the manner described and outlined by the homepage.

After all, engagement begets leads; leads beget conversions and sales. And that is the name of the game. Let’s talk about some important elements that you can’t overlook when building a quality homepage.

Lead Magnets

Placing a lead magnet “above the fold” is a great way to attract readers. Whether it is simply a lead magnet or content meant to keep people on the page, using this area wisely can be the difference between high bounce rates and converting readers.

Multiple Offers

Don’t restrict yourself to just one offer. Since each of your potential visitors are likely no clones, the sales funnel is better suited by having multiple offer available to those who land on your homepage. For instance, some folks will be looking for answers to questions about products or services; others might be looking to comparison shop; and others yet might just be ready to buy right now. Having multiple offers on your homepage facilitates a larger, more disparate group of potential customers.

Use Visuals

Never underestimate the utility of quality graphics and imagery, especially those that relate to the offers on you homepage. Whether it is videos, infographics, or simple images, having visual information available on your homepage to break up text is a great way to drive engagement and keep visitors on your website.

Buyer Personas

If you are trying to attract customers, then you have created buyer personas. (If you haven’t, then consider ding that before you start a content marketing campaign.) Make sure that the messages on your homepage reflect exactly what those buyer personas need to hear. Otherwise, you are diluting your message and keeping valuable leads from find their way to the bottom of your sales funnel. Make sure you engaging, educating, and answering the needs of your buyer personas when they land on your homepage.

Social Proofs

Social proofs are the backbone of businesses. Given that, it is important to only provide accurate, positive testimonials that reflect how other customers valued your service or product. This is no place to embellish; instead, provide real-world testimony of how you provided what your customers were looking for.

Take-home message

Homepages need content; there is no getting around that. You will want to keep things simple, on brand, and as laser-focused as possible in regards to your strategy. Engagement relies on the customer wanting to go along on the journey you have laid down for them. Don’t disappoint them.

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