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Possible Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Converting Visitors

Even if you’re good at managing your business, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re equally adept at planning and executing business strategies in virtual space.  This could mean that your virtual interface isn’t exactly yielding anticipated results.  If you’re just not seeing the conversions online that you feel you’re capable of and you don’t know why, here are a few potential reasons why your website might not be converting visitors.

It’s Not Optimized

A growing number of consumers rely on mobile devices for browsing.  The latest data from Statista shows that roughly 49% of online traffic was attributed to mobile devices in Q2 of 2019, and this number doesn’t even include tablets.

While pundits advocating for responsive design are starting to sound like broken records at this point, there are still businesses that have yet to make the switch.  Keep in mind, Google’s mobile-first initiative ostensibly gives preferential treatment to sites that are optimized for mobile use, so if you’re not responsive, you’re likely losing rank to competitors who are.

From the standpoint of purely converting mobile visitors who make it to your site, they’re likely to be confronted by pages that don’t fit their screen and that are difficult to view and navigate, which is a real problem.  In other words, optimization is essential if you want to boost conversions.

Landing Page Content Isn’t Relevant

You know you have to make it easy to reach your website, with funnels that ideally require only a single click to reach intended landing pages.  However, once people get to your site, you need to wow them right out of the gate.

Suppose a user clicks an ad offering a specific discount or deal, but when they reach the page, further evidence of this deal isn’t readily available.  You’ve just made a significant error.  You need to give relevant information top placement on landing pages so users can find what they’re looking for immediately.  If you make them search, you’re going to see bounce rates increase instead of conversions.

Poor Layout and Design

Take a moment to think about a website that you, as a consumer, enjoy visiting.  The layout is probably clean, uncluttered, and easy to view.  The information you seek is probably easy to find and flanked by helpful and attractive graphics and video content.  The site offers intuitive navigation and simple conversion options, like one-click ordering, for example.

Now think about how you might feel when visiting a website that is stuffed with unnecessary or redundant text, outdated graphics, and annoying pop-ups that impede your ability to view content.  Suppose you have to sift through superfluous content to find what you’re looking for, and navigation for conversions makes you jump through hoops.

If your own website isn’t converting, it might be time to evaluate your layout and design strategy to see if there are ways to improve the appearance, simplify navigation, pare down content, minimize pop-ups, and create a cohesive branding experience that charms and engages visitors.

Unclear Call to Action

If you want website visitors to complete certain actions, you need to make your expectations clear.  Consumers are not psychic – they have no idea what your goals are.  When you create clear, concise, and perhaps more importantly, visible calls to action, you could see an uptick in website conversions as a result.

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