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How Many Keywords Should You Be Tracking at One Time?

When it comes to the ideal number of keywords to use to draw people to your site, the answer unfortunately isn’t as simple as a specific number. It’s a fluid and circumstantially dependent answer. As is the case with many situations in life, the answer lies in seeking out quality rather than quantity.

The Nature of Your Website and the Business Itself

Don’t think of keyword use in terms of an overall number. Rather, consider what is right for your particular situation. The length of content on your page is a good starting point when considering keyword usage. Large sections of text typically necessitate more than smaller blurbs do.

Another factor you’ll want to keep in mind is the stage your business is in at the time. You might try casting a wider net when it’s in its infancy and then trimming the fat as you ascertain which words work best for you and attract the attention of the audience you’re seeking.

Not only does the current stage of your business matter, but also the type of business you’re in. Some subject matter is highly varied and therefore calls for the use of more keywords. However, for more simplistic material, extra keywords won’t provide any additional value. There are only so many ways people can search for ice, for example.

The Issues of Perspective and Cost 

Additionally, try to think from the perspective of a searcher. If, for instance, you’re selling exotic pets, using a reference to pets themselves will invite millions of irrelevant dog and cat owners into the conversation. On the other hand, specifying by species of reptile or amphibian can be too limiting. It might be a case of hunt and peck until you see what works best for your circumstances.

Of course, as with many matters of business, cost can also be a determining factor. You’ll want to establish what number of keywords provides the best value in terms of increased rankings in comparison to the number of dollars spent. 

The Type of Keyword Makes a Difference

As you might sense, you can limit the need for a large number of keywords by choosing the keywords that work best for you. Try to avoid overly simplistic words. Instead, aim to use long-tail keywords by focusing on popular combinations of a few words. This helps to garner far more hits per keyword than you might otherwise if you were to use common shorter terms. 

As you can see, there’s no one answer that is right for everyone. We’re simply dealing with too many factors for that type of solution. Instead, take the time to consider the overall situation and pay close attention to which words are scoring you the highest return on investment. Over time, you’ll come to find that the answer to the question of how many keywords will reveal itself to you.

Just be sure not to eliminate keyword tracking overall because of its fickle nature. You’ll be giving your competitors an advantage they haven’t earned.

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