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How Can Custom Software Development Help Your Business Scale?

One of a business owner’s primary goals is figuring out effective ways of cuttings costs while yielding higher returns. When it comes to software, it may be tempting to use third party applications rather than hiring a developer to create something specifically suited to the specific needs of a business. However, this line of thinking may be more detrimental in the long run, as creating custom software could actually prove to be more beneficial to your business. If you’re still not convinced, here is a list expounding on reasons why implementing custom software can help your business scale.


Compared to third party software applications, custom software is much more scalable. The former typically yields two problems: sometimes it is cheaper to purchase outright, but will not conform to long-term business needs; conversely, some are able evolve alongside your business, but can be quite expensive in terms of licensing. Fortunately, custom software developers are contractual and can therefore maintain the program as your business becomes larger. This effectively gives your business ample room to evolve without being constrained by technological limitations.

It Is Built to Address Your Business Needs From the Ground Up

Custom software is specifically tailored to address every single one of your business needs. This solves the problem of having to seek out third party vendors only to purchase software that does not adequately interface with your daily operations. By using custom software, you can optimize the day-to-day workflow and create software that can be used long-term.

Acquisition Costs

Businesses that license from third party developers are typically assuaged to purchase extra hardware to ensure that the software runs optimally. This can be outright expensive and fill your workspace with a bunch of clunky devices that no one really wants to see. Even worse, many of these devices are quickly rendered obsolete, forcing you to purchase brand new hardware just to keep up with software updates. Rather than forcing businesses to shoulder this unnecessary burden, custom software can be form-fitted to the capabilities of your current hardware.

Guard Against Outside Threats

External threats are a constant problem that can result in situations that are extremely detrimental to any business. When it comes to hacking, many perpetrators exploit known software vulnerabilities. Essentially, because third party software is typically used by a variety of different organizations, its bugs and holes are more widely known, making it an enticing target for hackers. Conversely, custom software requires much more effort to hack, making it more difficult to infiltrate.

Perpetual Maintenance

When it comes to upgrades and maintenance, businesses that use third party software are entirely dependent on the software developer. Should the developer go out of business or maintenance be discontinued, you will need to find another software application. Obviously, this can cause a lot of expensive problems in the interim. On the other hand, custom software can be maintained by a contracted engineer who will manage it for as long as necessary.

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