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Why It’s Important to Conduct A/B Tests for Your Landing Pages

We seem to be living in an era where feelings and beliefs share the same prestige and reliability as actual facts, but as a responsible business owner, you can’t necessarily afford to base your decisions on instinct or intuition.  You need data, analysis, and reasoning to make the best possible choices and maintain a profitable venture.

Metrics are certainly an excellent means of tracking the impact of your online efforts, but if you want the best opportunity to create marketing campaigns that deliver significant returns, testing different options to see what your audience responds to is an ideal solution.  In truth, you should not only use this strategy for ads, but extend it to landing pages.

Getting people to click-thru is half the battle, but you can’t phone it in from there.  In order to minimize bounce rates and boost conversions, your landing pages have to be on-point.  One option is A/B testing, which involves presenting two different potential landing pages to see which one resonates with consumers.  Here are just a few reasons why it’s so important to conduct A/B tests on landing pages.

Pinpoint Problem Areas

The most successful way to conduct A/B tests is to present two similar pages, but change a single element.  If you have a landing page that isn’t converting, you need to know why, and presenting two completely different pages won’t actually help you to make a solid determination.  When you change one thing at a time, you can figure out which elements visitors dislike, and hopefully come up with adjustments that resonate with your test audience.

Of course, you don’t necessarily want to change a word here and a word there – that could get extremely tedious and time-consuming.  Instead, try changing up more impactful elements like headings, sections of copy, fonts, color schemes, CTAs, graphic elements (images, videos, etc.), placement of elements, and more.

Understand Consumer Preferences

The ultimate goal of A/B testing is to better understand what your target audience responds to.  Whether you’re dealing with a current landing page that isn’t performing or you’re working on new landing pages and you want them to deliver conversions right out of the gate, the information you glean from A/B tests can offer insights into what’s working and what isn’t, helping you form winning strategies not only for the landing page you’re testing, but future landing pages, as well.

Increase Conversions

Your landing pages are intended to serve as an extension of the funnels leading to them, presumably online ads, search queries, and so on.  When you conduct A/B tests to discover which elements resonate with your audience and provoke intended reactions, you have the best chance to see desired conversions and reach set goals.

Landing pages are an important part of your marketing and sales strategy, and when they work properly, they can lead to increased membership, sharing, sales, repeat visits, and ongoing patronage, among other activities.  The best way to ensure that your landing pages do what they’re supposed to is with A/B tests that provide you with valuable information you can use to formulate successful strategies.

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