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Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website Outside Of SEO

Most of us realize that SEO is a surefire means of generating web traffic. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are other ways of generating traffic that could potentially fill some additional gaps that SEO alone would not be able to address.

Driving traffic through these other means will result in a diversified flow of visitors to your website, enabling you to capture an audience that would have otherwise eluded your grasp. If you are looking for ways to drive traffic to your website outside of SEO, here are some suggestions.

Social Media Conversions

If you play your cards right, traffic generated from social media could rival that of Google. In fact, generating traffic via Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or even Pinterest gives you a more direct means of addressing your target audience than an overcrowded Google search result. On top of that, social media users are usually looking for something while they scroll through their feeds, so capturing their attention is relatively easy provided one takes the right approach.

Social media activity can generate traffic in two primary ways. First, people will notice your activity and respond accordingly. Being active includes commenting frequently, sharing blog posts, images, and engaging with your audience. Second, developing a coherent social media ad strategy will optimize your content and save you a lot of time in the long run.

Partner With Influencers

Sometimes prospective buyers are hesitant to purchase from a site they’ve never heard of because they are wary of a potential scam. Therefore, building trust is paramount. Unfortunately, building trust in an organic fashion takes more time than you currently have. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t build trust by other means.

One of the best ways of capturing a new audience is by enlisting the help of an influencer to share your products with their audience either by way of their own unique posts or by sharing sponsored posts that you have pre-approved.


Not to state the obvious, but advertising frequently pays off. Whether by way of social media advertising, paid searches, or display advertising, putting your brand in front of people will definitely help route some additional traffic to your site. Start off with a small amount and adjust your strategies in accordance with your goals. For example, right now you might just be looking at ways to increase traffic, but later you may be looking to increase conversions.

The Wild And Wonderful World Of Email Marketing

Most businesses understand the importance of content marketing—however, very few have the email marketing game nailed down. This is certainly a shame, because email marketing is a useful tool for driving site traffic without SEO. You could see a significant increase in site traffic even if your email blast only reaches half of its intended audience. The danger here is sending too many emails and essentially spamming your customers. Fortunately, this can be sidestepped by adhering to a confident email blast strategy that is designed to increase engagement while maximizing conversions.

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