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Snackable vs. Long-Form: The War over Content – Snackable

ProTip: The answer is “both!”

I’m going to engage in a little exercise this week. I’m posting two articles based on the same content — one in ‘Snackable’ form, the other in ‘Long’ form. I encourage you to read both and determine for yourself which one you enjoyed more — and why — and then tell me in the comments!


  • ‘Snackable’ means ‘information that can be consumed in a few seconds.’
  • ‘Long-form’ means ‘information that takes several minutes to consume.’

The Upside of Snackability

  • It’s easy to skim.
  • It conveys information quickly.
  • It’s mobile-friendly.
  • It’s social-friendly. (That means easy to share!)
  • It’s quick to create.
  • It’s inexpensive.

The Downside of Snackability

  • It leads to higher bounce rates.
  • It leads to fewer sales.
  • It leads to weaker brand impact.

Everything Important About Long-Form Content

  • It’s the opposite of ‘Snackability’ at every one of those bullet points.

The Takeaway

  • Use snackable content to build an audience; use long-form content to engage the audience. You gotta have both.


Still with me?  Great! If you haven’t already, please check out the long-form version and you can compare and contrast the experiences — because really, experientially is the best way to get the full impact of the difference.

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