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Pillar pages: what they are and why you should use them

Every marketer knows that posting blogs and articles to your website is a great strategy for improving search engine optimization and engaging with your target audience on a deeper level. But if you’re prioritizing quantity over quality and pushing out mediocre content with the hope of generating more traffic, then you’re putting your content marketing efforts at a disadvantage. 

Getting out the right content is a major factor in determining your level of online success. Let’s explore the concept of Pillar content, why it’s so important, and how it can be used to draw in more readers and get your website ranking higher on Google.

What is Pillar Content?

Pillar content is informative content that gives a complete answer to any question asked about a specific topic. This type of content adds a certain amount of value for a reader, which Google rewards by having the website rank higher in search engines.

To make pillar content work, you should focus on highlighting the areas of your business where you excel most. Think about the critical areas you want to focus on and create content that shows you are the subject matter expert on those topics.

Your content can be about anything, but it should still be high-quality content that solidifies your blog’s reputation as a reliable source of good content for your industry.

Pillar content contains the following characteristics:

  • Provides comprehensive, accurate information to solve a problem or answer a specific question.
  • The content is unique in scope or detail 
  • The content adds value to the reader and is trustworthy, useful, or interesting

Generally, pillar content should represent your work. Your posts should continue adding value for new visitors and current audiences long after they’ve left your website. 

Benefits of Pillar Content

Content pillars support both your overall marketing strategy and increase your visibility in searches. It allows you to generate several subtopics from one main topic, and also learn more about your target audience so you can develop detailed customer personas. 

Pillar content has the following benefits:

  • Reduces bounce rate – The more valuable information your offer on your website, the longer your audience will spend consuming your content rather than returning to Google to find another source. 
  • Increases social media shares – Pillar content gets shared more widely across social media platforms
  • Generates traffic over the life of the blog or website –  Since pillar content is evergreen, the value of the content will not diminish over time 
  • Higher Google Ranking – Content with higher word counts, social media shares, and backlinks all help improve visibility for your website

How to Craft Pillar Content

The following actions will help you develop your content strategy:

Research Keywords

Perform keyword research to help you learn what content people are searching for so that you can weave that phrasing into your posts.

Determine Where You Rank Amongst the Competition

Search the keywords you believe are most relevant to your brand’s products and services and see how they compare to the keywords used by your competition.

Think from the Users’ Perspective

Think from the perspective of a user and what content they’d find most relevant.

Assess Your Current Content

Can your current content be improved or repurposed?

Promote Your Content on Social Media

Run ads on digital platforms like YouTube, Google, and Facebook and share content whenever possible.

Remember to evaluate your content strategy to see what adjustments should be made. Keep building your pillars to ensure the full breadth of your expertise is reflected. 

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