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Know How to Spot Black Hat SEO? Most Don’t

Basically, black hat SEO is the adoption of unethical techniques to direct visitors to websites. These techniques sound tempting causing a swift surge of traffic, but in the long run can put you in great trouble. Like your website can be demoted or can even be banned from Google. An online business owner or a person who’s handling the marketing and e-Commerce activities has to remain vigilant all the time. You must know what’s going on with your website to avoid being thrown out by Google for unprofessional SEO tactics.

Don’t expect that black hat SEO will pay off. No it won’t. Search engine algorithms are constantly refined to enable the best ones to rise on the top. It’s better to embrace ethical SEO techniques even if it takes time to top search engines. Let’s check out how to spot black hat SEO techniques to stay on a safer side.

Staying Away from Black Hat SEO – Tips:

  • Be vigilant when dealing with SEO companies who ‘promise the moon’. It’s a big red warning flag if they tell you that ‘paid links’ is a great way of quickly moving to the top of search engine pages. Paid links in the long term will not bear any fruit and can even lead to penalizations.
  • Check the reputation of the SEO company that you’re about to hire. Confirm they’re rated legitimate and hold good testimonials from genuine clients. If you have a slight doubt just back away.
  • Make it certain that your website navigation is clean. Stay away from doorway or cloaked pages. Don’t employ hidden text like having white text on a white background, placing text at the rare of an image, or keyword stuff like stuffing pages with keywords and numbers. It’ll result in a negative user experience and can damage your site’s ranking.
  • Use Google Analytics more often. It’s a free service of Google where you can review the details of your website’s traffic and traffic sources. A priority task that a website owner must never skip is reviewing traffic reports punctually. A clear warning signal of black hat SEO is when you detect tons of high PR backlinks from non-relevant websites.
    • In order to make your SEO effective, especially when you are working in a competitive niche the first need is services of a skillful SEO person. When hiring a SEO consultant watch out for transparency in working style. If there’s even an iota of doubt, clear it forthwith by probing and questioning. It’ll be a big booster if you read up documentation on white hat and black hat SEO to equip yourself with the basics. It’ll help better monitor your website and the goings-on of your online business. Search engine optimization is an ever evolving process and to keep up pace with that you need the support of a skilled SEO practitioner. But it’s also your duty to ensure that only tested and legitimate SEO techniques are deployed on your website. Black hat SEO is a tactic employed by people looking for a quick financial return but its results are disastrous.

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