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How to Use Hypertargeted Marketing to Find Your Ideal Customers

Marketing only works when you present your message to people who want to invest in your offer. While you might think it’s better to cast a wide net to capture as much potential attention as possible, niching down is widely regarded as the better strategy.

But when you take it a step further to finely zero in on a specific audience based on their activity and preferences, it’s known as hypertargeting. This detailed marketing strategy can help you streamline your efforts and increase the return on your investment.

What Is Hypertargeting, and How Does It Benefit Business Owners?

Hypertargeting is the practice of using tracking software and technology to segment a wider audience into specific subgroups based on known activity or preferences. Businesses then deliver a message to that subgroup in places where the target audience is most likely to see it.

This type of marketing has two benefits. First, you can build trust and encourage long-term customer relationships by catering to precise customer needs and preferences with specific information and products they care about. Additionally, you can collect highly-qualified leads that have already demonstrated interest in similar offers, increasing your ROI while streamlining ad spend.

How You Can Use Hypertargeting In Your Business

According to a Salesforce survey, 70% of customers expect a company to understand how they use products and services. An equal percentage of customers say they are more loyal to companies that understand their needs.

Statistics like this show that hypertargeting is an effective marketing tactic, but only when done correctly. After all, if you take it one step too far, you might get accused of “knowing too much.”

With that in mind, here are six steps you can take to build a successful foundation for your hypertargeting campaigns:

  1. Track customer behavior with autoresponders, Meta pixels, and Google tags
  2. Gather geolocation and demographic data (such as age, gender, and income)
  3. Niche down this data further with additional info, such as lookalike audiences
  4. Create a buyer persona that clearly defines your target audience’s preferences
  5. Craft ad copy that speaks directly to your target persona’s needs and desires
  6. Test and track your ads, refining each one based on new information
  7. Use retargeting to present ads based on click tracking and pages viewed

Some platforms do a lot of this work for you. For example, social media platforms like Facebook already have a lot of the data required to target a narrow audience.

These tools simplify cross-channel tracking, build lookalike audiences based on your current group’s characteristics, and find users already on your email or SMS lists. And the further you can dig into your audience’s behavior and preferences, the better your campaign outcomes.

Hypertargeting: The Key to Marketing Success

While hypertargeting can be helpful for business, you must do it right and ensure it fits well with your strategic marketing plan. Fortunately, Net Profit Marketing can help you accomplish this goal.

Contact us for a free consultation to learn how our PPC advertising experts can help you craft a buyer persona and employ a proven hypertargeting strategy to increase ROI and deliver your message to the people who need it most.

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