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How to Tap into a Social Media Community Through Great SEO

Anyone in Detroit should know all about community, but of course a social media community is something completely different. The idea is often the same though – show support, solidarity, and stick together!

If there’s one thing we have learned in the last year it is that Google loves change! And why not? It’s great to see changes being made for the right reasons. The Internet in many respects is becoming a better place, but it has to be said that it’s not becoming a better place for some webmasters. The webmasters who would have seen the New Year in with a big smile on their faces were those who already had a community. It’s clear that Google is rewarding those who have an engaged community, which has not always been so important.

With this in mind, we have to look at ways to engage our communities, and of course, ways to grow our communities in the first place. Sometimes this can be a very organic development, but sometimes it has to be worked at!

First things first, try to increase social media awareness amongst your peers. Some people just love to gain the wrong sort of following, but it won’t help you in the long run. Sure, having five thousand followers on Twitter might look good initially, but if those people aren’t engaged with you, it’s not going to do too much good in the long run. Make sure you attract followers who are genuinely interested in what you have to say, and say things to them! Network within your industry, be helpful and answer other people’s questions to show how much you care!

Make sure you are active on all fronts. This means Facebook, Twitter as well as all of those peripheral sites, such as Pinterest and Google+ and the dozens of other sites out there that you should be able to discover. You are going to want referral traffic from as many sources as possible, and there’s no reason why a customer coming from a lesser known social media site might not be more engaged than one coming from Facebook.

Hire someone who can make a difference – hire someone to be your voice. You might not
have all the time in the world, but there are professionals out there who are paid to do what you don’t have the time for. There are plenty of SEO professionals in the Detroit area who know how to write for the web. They know how to engage and how to talk to your customers, so let them do it. You can find Detroit SEO experts who specialize in social media and how to improve your experience.

Doing all of this should allow you to find a good place in the Detroit SEO community. If you can become valued, then there’s every chance that this is going to have a knock on effect on your website. The authority of your online business is bound to increase if there is an improvement in your standing within your niche SEO community. Search engines favor site owners that have authority, so once people start name dropping you and your business on the web, the search engines will simply have to give your website importance in the web rankings.

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