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How Often Should You Audit Your Website?

Website Audit

So your SEO efforts are finally paying off. Your website is steadily climbing the rankings of search engine results pages (SERPs) and you are earning more traffic than ever. 

But do you know how to continue improving or why your last campaign was so successful? Unless you have been conducting regular website audits, then the answer just might be “no!”

Below, we take a closer look at website audits. We’ll discuss what they are, what benefits they provide, and how often you should be auditing your website. Let’s dive in!

What Is a Website Audit?

A website audit often referred to as an SEO audit, is a means of evaluating the performance of your site as a whole. 

During the website auditing process, a reviewer will examine:

  • User engagement
  • User experience
  • Total traffic
  • Site health
  • Site performance
  • Functionality of various buttons, tabs, and more

The purpose of website audits is two-fold. First, these audits give you the opportunity to assess the performance of your site as a whole. In addition, they reveal any shortcomings that could potentially impact your rankings on Google.

We recommend conducting a website audit every two to three months. At a minimum, you should perform a website audit bi-annually. 

The ideal frequency will depend on a variety of factors, such as the complexity of your site and how often you add in new content. 

For instance, if you run a small business that only adds a few blogs per month, then auditing every six months will be very effective.

Benefits of Regular Website Audits

Website audits are hugely beneficial to businesses of all sizes. Conducting regular audits can help you:

Improve Website Visibility

Undetected issues can cause your site to rack up penalties from Google’s ranking algorithms. 

Slow page load speed, poor functionality, and broken internal links are just a few examples of issues that can be detected with a website audit. Once identified, you can take steps to correct these issues and make your site more visible to users.

Identify Opportunities for Better Profitability

Website audits will identify ways that you can become more profitable. These audits will provide insights into which areas of your site are most likely to generate revenue.

Increase Site Traffic

By remedying SEO-related issues, you will also improve your website’s search ranking. In turn, you can earn a higher volume of traffic. This will translate to more leads and increased opportunities to convert those prospects into customers.

Web Design and Auditing Services from Net Profit Marketing

While it is possible to audit your own website, this is not always the best solution. Even the most well-intentioned business owners will not be as thorough as an independent reviewer. In addition, conducting a detailed audit requires web design expertise.

With this in mind, consider partnering with Net Profit Marketing for your website auditing needs. Our team will carefully review every component of your site.

We will do much more than simply look for errors. Our experienced web design experts will also identify opportunities for your business to become more profitable.

Contact Net Profit Marketing today for a free consultation!

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